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The Amabrush Brushes Your Teeth In Ten Seconds

Pop the Amabrush into your mouth, push a button and ten seconds later your teeth are clean.
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UPDATE: seems the Amabrush is yet another scam that left a lot of people not receiving their product.

Hate brushing teeth? The inventors of the Amabrush too, it seems. They’ve created a tool that cleans your teeth in ten seconds. It’s like a vibrating chair for your mouth. Almost.

“Brush and floss only those teeth you wish to keep,” said a wise man once while hovering over me, torturing my teeth with a high-pitched buzzing instrument.

Many people hate brushing teeth. I’m one of those.

But run into serious dental trouble and you’ll embrace this quaint ritual.

You might never enjoy it, but you’ll stick to a regular brushing schedule.

Dentists recommend you brush your teeth for 180 seconds. But even 60 seconds feels like eons.

In the time it takes me to brush my teeth, I could have enjoyed a cup of coffee, read a short story and written a Gear Guide article. Or so it feels.

All that time, wasted on brushing. Was it George Bernard Shaw who said that youth is wasted near the tongue? Something like that.

Now there’s a company who wants to save you 100 or so days of your life.

They’ve designed a product that brushes your teeth in ten seconds, with hardly any effort involved.

Let’s take a look.

What is the Amabrush?

At first glance, the Amabrush looks like a back scrubber or an albino Venus flytrap.

It’s a strange design for a toothbrush.

But that’s what it is.

It’s a vibrating toothbrush. You pop the whole thing into your mouth like a lollipop, press a button, wait ten seconds, remove, rinse and smile at the camera.

But, unlike a lollipop, the Amabrush is supposed to be good for your teeth.

Why it looks good

It doesn’t look good; it looks scary.

But let’s see why it looks like a good idea.


All your teeth, brushed in ten seconds?


The recommended time for brushing your teeth in the traditional way is 180 seconds.

The average adult has 32 teeth.

That’s 5.625 seconds per tooth.

By using the Amabrush, you spend 77.78% more time per tooth, but 94.44% less time brushing.


The Amabrush runs on a battery.

You pop it into your mouth, press a button and enjoy a gentle tooth massage, without so much as a single arm stroke.

Works with dental prosthesis and braces

The Amabrush won’t shy away from your mouth, even if you have fake teeth or wear braces.

It works gently, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your dentures.


The Amabrush doesn’t use thin bristles. It comes with rows of large antibacterial silicone bristles.

If it works as advertised, it kills 99.9% of known bacteria.

Hygienic storage

The Amabrush comes with a storage lid with integrated UV light.

This keeps out dust and other impurities, and sanitizes up to two mouthpieces.

Long usage life

An electric toothbrush’s head or a normal toothbrush should be replaced every three to six months.

The same goes for the Amabrush’s mouthpiece.

That’s a good lifespan for two brushes per day.

Toothpaste capsules

The Amabrush comes with a toothpaste capsule that fits inside the hand-piece.

Each capsule gives you a month’s usage.

You can choose between three flavors:

  • Extra Fresh (blue)
  • Whitening (white)
  • Sensitive (rose)
    • Doesn’t contain fluoride

They make the toothpaste from a special formula, since it needs to be more fluid than regular toothpaste.

Amabrush toothpaste is made by a reputable toothpaste manufacture.

The toothpaste conforms to DIN EN ISO 13485 specs, as well as IFS Household and Personal Care Products specifications.

Don’t like Amabrush’s flavors?

Use your own toothpaste. You can refill the Amabrush toothpaste capsule or load it onto the mouthpiece.

Amabrush Toothpaste Capsules Come In Three Flavors
Amabrush Toothpaste Capsules Come In Three Flavors

Long battery life

They claim the battery lasts for a month.

If you brush twice daily, that’s a total of 620 seconds, or 10.33 minutes.


The Amabrush comes with a wireless or USB-C charger, which is a step up from a Micro USB.


The Amabrush comes with Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to the free app (Android and iOS).

Once connected, you can:

  • Choose vibration modes
    • gum massage
    • whitening
    • burst
  • Configure cleaning time
  • Order replacement parts

One size fits all

The guys behind the Amabrush analysed 2,000 adult male and female jaws.

Using their findings, they designed the Amabrush to work in most mouths, provided there are no abnormal tooth placements.

Share it

The Amabrush’s mouthpiece connects to the hand-piece via a magnet.

It works so simple that you can have a single hand-piece for more than one user.

You and your better half could display your love for each other by using a single hand-piece, but show your love for hygiene and common sense by using separate mouthpieces.


The Amabrush brings a few concerns to mind.

It might make you gag

This thing is big.

In their promo video they try to make it look easy to use, but to me it looks as uncomfortable as sucking on a pincushion cactus.

But once you get the hang of it, you should be fine.

It might miss spots

It’s a given that the bristles won’t get to every nook and cranny inside your mouth.

But not even a normal toothbrush gives you that much coverage.

It might be messy

The Amabrush promo video makes it look like the Amabrush is the cleanest thing since sliced bread washed in antiseptic.


You have this massive piece of rubber inside your mouth and there’s vibration and toothpaste.

It’s bound to be messy.

That’s OK.

As long as you brush your teeth at home, you shouldn’t be at risk of social ostracism.


You can get the Amabrush for 89 euros.

That includes a:

  • Hand-piece
  • Mouthpiece
  • Toothpaste capsule
  • USB-C charger

You’ll pay 99 euros for the same package with a wireless charger instead of a USB-C charger.

A replacement mouthpiece costs six euros, while toothpaste capsules sell for three euros.


It seems the Amabrush ships worldwide, at no extra cost while it’s still in funding phase.

Final thoughts

The Amabrush seems like a great idea.

It’s quick. Ten seconds for a complete brush? Sounds grand to me.

It’s automatic. You stand there, your mouth loaded with the Amabrush, and stare at yourself in the mirror. You don’t move your arm. You do nothing. It’s a lazy man’s dream toothbrush.

It lasts long. The mouthpiece stays charged for a month’s brushing. The toothpaste capsule gives you a month’s toothpaste.

It’ll be uncomfortable, at first, to get this monstrosity into your mouth, but once you get used to it, you might get addicted to the ten second brush.

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