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The Arsenal Camera Assistant Is Your Personal Ansel Adams

Arsenal Camera Assistant gives you total control of your photography—even improves your photography—all from your iPhone or Android phone.
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The Arsenal Camera Assistant is a remote camera controller on steroids. Mount it onto your DSLR or mirror-less, open the app and conjure amazing pictures. It’s like having Ansel Adams living in your camera bag.

You’re getting way more likes on Instagram these days. The funny thing is, you’re not using Instagram filters. You don’t need them. Your pics are amazing.

More people are paying attention on Facebook too.

And your friends thought you sold your soul to the devil, Robert Johnson style, to take better pics.

You went from “Meh” to mystic, National Geographic level photography guru.

It might not be a single tool that gave you the leg up, but there’s no denying, Arsenal upped your photography game big time.

As you read this article, you might be tempted to ask, “So what? My camera does that out the box!” at every point.

Remember, Arsenal is a single toolbox that houses several amazing tools.

What is Arsenal?

Arsenal is a camera assistant that plugs into your DSLR or mirror-less camera (via USB) and pairs with a free companion app.

From the Arsenal phone app you control a variety of settings, wirelessly.

Ryan Stout, an American engineer with a background in AI, created Arsenal. He wanted a tool that took care of everything but the composition of his photographs.

Let’s take a look.

Perfect HDR

Arsenal’s leading photo stacking techniques help you capture perfect HDR pictures.

Take multiple exposure shots and merge them into a single RAW or JPG file. All this, on your camera; no post-production needed.

Focus stacking

Take sharp pics with Arsenal’s focus stacking feature.

Arsenal calculates the perfect number of exposures, takes pics at different focus positions and merges them into a single, sharp image.

Great long exposures

Arsenal allows you to capture rich color and striking motion blurs without the need for high-cost neutral density filters.

Time lapse perfection

Mr Stout claims that they’ve created the best time lapse interface in the world.

Set your parameters and let Arsenal adapt the exposure for fluid day-to-night transition.

Preview your time lapse while Arsenal’s recording it.

Arsenal does all the work.

You and your phone can go have a coffee somewhere.

Leave the camera to capture the magic. Or adjust settings while the scene is being captured.

Immediate sharing

Arsenal allows you to review images on your phone, wirelessly.

Flip through pics, zoom in and share, right from your phone, like Instagram or Facebook.

Wide brand support

Arsenal works with many models from the following camera manufacturers:

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Sony
  • Fuji

To check if your camera’s supported, visit

iPhone and Android

The Arsenal app is available for iPhone and Android. Your photos look great, even if your taste in smartphones is questionable.

AI for cameras

Since Mr Stout has a background in artificial intelligence, it makes sense that Arsenal oozes AI tech.

Some points to ponder:

  • Arsenal compares your current scene with 1000’s of past images.
  • Arsenal optimizes settings based on 18 factors.
  • Arsenal avoids settings that create weak photos on your specific camera and lens.
  • Arsenal uses image recognition to identify subject-specific needs (eg shutter speed for moving objects).
  • Arsenal shows safe ranges for settings, based on constraints such as vibration.
  • Arsenal allows you to change settings.

I’m out of my depth with regards to AI. Best you visit the Arsenal website for more info.

Hardware specs

Arsenal boasts the following:

  • ARM processor
  • Weight – 57 grams (two oz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 capability
  • WiFi enabled
  • Range – up to 30,48 m (100 feet)
  • Battery life – up to six hours
    • Charge while in use


For as little as $150—that’s 40% lower than expected retail—you’ll receive an Arsenal Camera Assistant.

Final thoughts

The Arsenal Camera Assistant looks like an amazing tool.

It’s like having the world’s greatest photographer guide you, step by step, in taking masterpiece photos.

Want to look like a photography pro without going through the hassle?

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