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The Baubax Travel Jacket Comes With More Pockets Than A Room Full Of Magicians

The Baubax jacket is the perfect jacket for travellers and lets you carry your whole glove compartment's content on your person.
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It’s the day and age of one-thing-does-all. Look at your mobile phone, for example.

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? Perhaps a calculator? Or a budgeting tool or fitness tracker?

It’s all of those.

Modular design is the order of the day. When you come across something you’d like to use, you want it to plug into an existing ecosystem you’re familiar with.

You want immediate access to it, but only when you need it.

This all-in-one, plug-and-play philosophy has made its way into clothing with the Baubax jacket.

This jacket looks incredible.

It has more compartments than a passenger train.

It should be standard issue for 00 agents. The only things missing are an Aston Martin and a laser gun.

Let’s take a closer look.

Inflatable neck pillow

You’re boarding a plane to Washington. Your tea with the queen was amazing. She gave ear to your advice and promised to pass it on to Theresa.

It took some convincing. You’re exhausted.

You can’t walk into your meeting with Donald looking like you were at an all-night party in Paris. (That was the previous night’s worries.)

You need to be fresh.

But oh no.

You’ve forgotten your travel pillow and you despise the ones they hand out on the plane.

Not to worry.

You’re wearing your trusty and ultra-cool looking Baubax jacket.

You know, the jacket with the built-in travel pillow.

So you take your seat, reach for the pillow behind your neck, on the inside of the jacket, press the valve against your lips, inflate and lay back your head.

The Baubax Has A Built In Inflatable Neck Pillow That Inflates In Seconds
The Baubax Has A Built In Inflatable Neck Pillow That Inflates In Seconds.

Eye mask

Your neck’s comfortable, what with the support offered by the amazing built-in travel pillow.

But how can you sleep with all that light up in your eyes an’ all?

No problem.

Flip down the eye mask and smother your baby blues in darkness.

Soon you’re in La La Land and all your worries float away.

Nothing Says Do Not Disturb Or I’ve Been Dead For Three Days And Nobody’s Noticed Like Baubaxs Built In Eye Mask
Nothing Says “Do Not Disturb” Or “I’ve Been Dead For Three Days And Nobody’s Noticed” Like Baubax’s Built In Eye Mask.


Yup. The Baubax jacket sports a pair of finger-less gloves for those who’d like to keep their hands warm.

Slide them out from the sleeve, hook over your thumbs and enjoy the warmth. When you’re done, tuck them back from whence they came.

Earphone holders

Oh, if only you could listen to that new Justin Bieber song on your iPod. But you forgot your earphones at Windsor Castle, where you shared your Queen tunes with the queen (she’s a fan).

But wait, you remembered…

The Baubax comes with a built-in earphone holder that you loaded with another pair of earphones.

Drink pocket

For argument’s sake, let’s say you stick to cold drinks (soft drink or soda if you’re not in South Africa) or coffee.

The Koozie Drink Pocket, as the creators of Baubax calls it, keeps your cold drink cold and your coffee warm, with the help of an insulated neoprene inner. You can carry your Contigo West Loop, filled with AeroPress made coffee, with you.

iPad AND smartphone pockets

I’ve covered a theft-proof backpack in another post.

If you don’t have a backpack and you’re carrying an iPad and/or smart phone around in your hands, you’re begging to be mugged.

The Baubax jacket has pockets designed for an iPad or any tablet of up to 10 inch in size, as well as a pocket for your smart phone.

You can connect the smart phone to your earphones too.

The zipper is a pen and stylus

This one would make Q jealous.

The Baubax jacket’s zipper contains a telescopic pen the bottom of which contains a soft tip stylus.

No more hassles when going through customs; no more worries when you forgot to pack your stylus and you’re inspired to create a mid-flight digital Mona Lisa.

Sunglasses pocket

If you wear your sunglasses on your head and you bend down, you run the risk of them dropping to the ground.

Not such a lovely thing if you don’t like looking at life through scratched lenses.

The Baubax has a built-in pocket for your sunglasses.

Passport pocket

For gliding through airports and similar places. It’s right there, on your chest. Flash it like an FBI agent.

Microfiber cloth

A handy little cloth, to keep your sunglasses clean, rounds out the Baubax jacket.

Variety of styles

The Baubax comes in a variety of styles, as you can see from these pics.

Final thoughts

If not for the lack of a built-in Aston Martin and laser gun, the Baubax would have been the perfect travel jacket.

If you don’t mind the absence of these two minor details, visit the Baubax site and order this amazing jacket.

Wear this jacket and you have enough pockets to carry your phone, your tablet, your shades and a whole bunch of other things.

Then there’s the built-in eye mask and inflatable neck pillow which gets you to the land of Nod.

The Baubax looks like a phenomenal jacket.

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