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BioLite Makes Eco-Friendly Camping Products That Run On Sticks And Cook And Charge Things

BioLite makes eco-friendly camping stoves that cooks and charges, portable solar panels and rechargeable camp lights. It's a wonderful company with awesome products.
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BioLite makes a range of brilliant camping products, including cooking devices that run on wood and charge mobile phones.

Who says you need to rough it when you’re roughing it?

You should be enjoying your surroundings when you’re out hiking or camping, not struggling with equipment. It’s about delighting yourself in God’s creation.

Besides, the mosquitoes will be giving you enough hassles.

I’m not saying you should pack your TV when you hit the trail, but when it comes time to cook out in the sticks, do you want it to be a chore?

And when you need light around the camp at night, do you want to walk around with a flashlight?

You might nail the Indiana Jones look, but you’ll be burning fuel by the tanker. And you might set fire to your surrounds.

Two blokes from the USA started working on a camping stove as a weekend project back in 2006. Since then, their company, BioLite, has been responsible for creating amazing camping equipment.

The core of their business is energy delivery. They do this with a range of cooking stoves, solar panels and camp lighting that receive high praise from customers.

On top of heaps of customer praise, BioLite won 19 awards over a period of four years.

Let’s look at this company and their offerings…


You get a one year limited warranty on all BioLite products.

If you want a fast response time on a warranty claim, register your product.

Registration also ensure that you receive safety and usage updates about your BioLite product.

Money back guarantee

For added peace of mind, BioLite offers a 30 day money back guarantee with these terms:

  • You must buy from
  • BioLite could deny you a refund or return if you opened the item or damaged it.
  • BioLite does not offer exchanges, only refunds.
    • The closest you’ll get to a refund is if you buy the desired product, before or after you receive your refund on the original order.
  • Your return package must include an unused product, inside the original packaging, with all manuals and accessories intact.
    • BioLite will decline your return if anything’s missing.

Camp stoves

You must use solid biomass on a BioLite stove for it to work as advertised.

In a forest or bushy region you’re surrounded by fuel.

It’s a different story in a desert or prairie. If there’s no wood, you won’t be using your BioLite. This is where a few packets of wood chips or pellets save you from having to gnaw on raw meat.

All BioLite stoves come with a rechargeable side-mounted airflow mechanism that acts as a temperature control system.

One of BioLite’s USPs is their smokeless stove tech. But you must use the stove as per usage instructions, else it won’t offer smokeless cooking.

Let’s take a look at the BioLite stoves.


The Biolite Cookstove Is Their Entry Level Camp Cooking Device
The BioLite CookStove Is Their Entry Level Camp Cooking Device.

In the box:

  • CookStove
  • Stuff Sack
  • Firelighters
  • Recharging Micro-USB Cord
  • Instructions

The CookStove is BioLite’s entry-level smokeless camp stove. At $79.95, tt’s their cheapest offering.

The CookStove’s side-mounted airflow mechanism offers up to 30 hours usage on a single charge. The four speed fan lets you enjoy a gentle camp fire or a cranked up cooking campaign.

The CookStove does not come with a battery for converting heat to electricity. It’s used for cooking only.

The CookStove does not offer a side-load function. You have to load your fuel from the top.

You load sticks into the fuel chamber and regulate heat with the airflow mechanism on the side.

This airflow mechanism gives you four settings:

  • Campfire
  • Simmer
  • Boil
  • Turbo

To use the CookStove without interruption, you need the BioLite portable grill. You don’t need it if you want to cook or boil, but if you use a standard pot or grill, you’ll have to remove it from the BioLite if you want to refuel the CookStove.


The side-mounted airflow mechanism gives the following burn time:

  • Turbo – 10 hours
  • Boil – 20 hours
  • Simmer – 25 hours
  • Campfire – 30 hours

BioLite claims that the 30 hours is equal to 20 gas canisters, although I’m not sure which size gas canister they’re referring to. Battery charge time for the mechanism is 1.7 hours via wall outlet. You can also charge with a BioLite solar panel.

CampStove (2)

The Biolite Campstove Is The Next Level Up From The Cookstove.
The BioLite CampStove Is The Next Level Up From The CookStove.

In the box:

  • CampStove
  • FlexLight
  • Stuff Sack
  • Firelighters
  • USB Cord
  • Instructions

The CampStove (now in iteration 2) is a powerhouse personal camp cooker.

It’s far more expensive than the CookStove, but offers a boatload of functionality.

The CampStove features an integrated 2600 mAh battery, as well as an LED dashboard that shows your device’s current status.

Like the CookStove, the CampStove gives you a smokeless fire that cooks and boils like a machine.


The CampStove gives you an added bonus.

It turns heat into electricity.

That’s correct. Use the integrated battery to charge your phone. So while you’re cooking, pop in a USB cable and charge your phone. Then snap the CampStove and share it to social media and see your friends squirm with jealousy.

The CampStove is a top-loader. You have to interrupt your cooking to refuel it, unless you use the BioLite portable grill.

The airflow mechanism gives you four settings:

  • Campfire
  • Simmer
  • Boil
  • Turbo


The side-mounted airflow mechanism gives the following burn time:

  • Turbo – 10 hours
  • Boil – 20 hours
  • Simmer – 25 hours
  • Campfire – 30 hours


The Biolite Basecamp Is The Big Daddy Camping Stove
The BioLite BaseCamp Is The Big Daddy Camping Stove.

In the box:

  • BioLite BaseCamp
  • Firelighters
  • Fuel Rack
  • Ash Tray
  • Goose neck USB light
  • Instructions

This is a monster camp stove, both in size and price ($199.95). It’s not for the single person. This is a group food tool. It’s like the CampStove, but it’s the big brother; a mother of a big brother.

Unlike the CookStove or the CampStove, the BaseCamp is fueled from the side. You chuck wood into the fuel chamber from the side and grill to your heart’s content, no interruptions.

The BaseCamp has a lever you flip to turn it from cooking surface to concentrated boiling flame. Your awesome cup of AeroPress coffee is a finger flick away.

The side-mounted airflow mechanism does not come with four power levels like the CookStove and CookStove. It does generate 5 W of power.

It also shows you your fire’s temperature, as well as the level of energy generated.

The BaseCamp is heavy. It makes the other two stoves look like starved fashion models.

Stove add-ons

Here are some addons made for BioLite stoves.

Portable grill

The Portable Grill Is An Add On For The Cookstove And Campstove
The Portable Grill Is An Addon For The CookStove And CampStove.

The portable grill works with the CookStove and CampStove. If you want nuisance-free cooking, get the portable grill. It lets to add fuel to the chamber without having to remove whatever it is you’re cooking or boiling.

It’s only $59.95.

The Portable Grill Allows You To Fuel The Cookstove And Campstove Without Removing The Grill
The Portable Grill Allows You To Fuel The CookStove And CampStove Without Removing The Grill.


The Pizzadome Turns The Basecamp Into A Pizza Oven
The PizzaDome Turns The BaseCamp Into A Pizza Oven.

The PizzaDome turns your BaseCamp into a pizza oven. Or if you prefer flatbread, make that.

It features a thermometer to help you control temperature. The food safe ceramic stone makes for an evenly heated cooking surface.

If pizza’s your thing and you love your BaseCamp, you need the PizzaDome.

The PizzaDome sells for $69.95.


Use The Sticksnapper To Snap Sticks For The Cookstove And Campstove
Use The StickSnapper To Snap Sticks For The CookStove And CampStove.

Need a little help with breaking sticks? BioLite’s got you covered.

With the StickSnapper, resilient sticks give up the fight in a snap. In no time you have a pile of sticks ready for the BioLite stove.

And once you’ve done all the hard work, kick back and snap the top off a beer bottle with the same tool.

Made from forged aluminium. Costs $9.95.

You Can Use The Sticksnapper To Open Beers Too
You Can Use The StickSnapper To Open Beers Too.

Charging technology

BioLite makes a range of charging tools such as portable solar panels, as well as portable chargers.

Let’s take a look…


The Kettlecharge Lets You Charge Electronics Using Hot Water
The KettleCharge Lets You Charge Electronics Using Hot Water.

In the box:

  • BioLite KettleCharge
  • Heat-Resistant Flexible USB Extender
  • Instructions

This is an interesting inventions.

The KettleCharge lets to use hot water to charge your electronics.

Place the KettleCharge on a heat source, such as a BioLite stove, plug in a USB cable and charge your electronic device.

It sells for $149.95.

Portable chargers

The Biolite Charge 10 Portable Charger
The Biolite Charge 10 Portable Charger.
The Biolite Charge 20 Portable Charger
The Biolite Charge 20 Portable Charger.

In the box:

  • Charge 10
    • Charge 10
    • Micro USB cable
    • Instructions
  • Charge 20
    • Charge 20
    • Micro USB cable
    • Instructions

BioLite makes two portable chargers. These slim chargers feature stainless steel casings for durability and silicone gaskets that make them dunk-proof.

The smaller one, the Charge 10, comes with a 2600mAh power supply, while the Charge 20 comes with a 5200mAh power supply.

Solar panels

BioLite makes a range of portable solar panels.

SolarPanel 5

The Biolite Solarpanel 5 Does Not Come With A Battery. You Can Only Charge Real Time
The BioLite SolarPanel 5 Does Not Come With A Battery. You Can Only Charge Real Time.

In the box:

  • SolarPanel 5
  • USB Cord
  • Instructions

This is BioLite’s mini solar panel that offers real-time charging. It doesn’t come with a battery, so it can’t keep a charge. You must plug your device into the solar panel to charge it.

SolarPanel 5+ & SolarPanel 10+

The Biolite Solarpanel 5
The Biolite SolarPanel 5+.
The Biolite Solarpanel 10
The Biolite SolarPanel 10+.

In the box:

  • SolarPanel 5+
    • SolarPanel 5+
    • USB Cord
    • Instructions
  • SolarPanel 10+
    • SolarPanel 10+
    • USB cable
    • Instructions

The SolarPanel 5+ and 10+ are upgrades of the SolarPanel 5.

Whereas the SolarPanel 5 can’t save a charge, the SolarPanel 5+ and SolarPanel 10+ both contain batteries that keep a charge for later use.

The 5+ contains a 2200 mAh battery, while the 10+ contains a 3000 mAh battery.

Both + models have  a 360 degree kickstand. This helps you position your solar panel on uneven ground.

The SolarPanel 5+ sells for $79.95 and the SolarPanel 10+ sells for $129.95.


BioLite makes a range of handy camp lights.

PowerLight Mini

The Biolite Powerlight Mini
The BioLite PowerLight Mini.

In the box:

  • PowerLight Mini
  • Micro USB Cord
  • Bike Mount (30mm Diameter)
  • Instructions

This is the smallest member of the BioLite camp lighting family. It’s three tools in one:

  • Bike light
  • Headlamp
  • Lantern

It fits inside your pocket.

The lantern lights up a 32,8ft (10 meter) radius, while the torch shines up to a 328ft (100 meters).

The PowerLight Mini contains a 1350mAh rechargeable battery which gives you up to 52 hours of light.

Or use it to give your mobile phone a charge boost.

Price – $44.95


The Biolite Powerlight
The BioLite PowerLight.

In the box:

  • BioLite PowerLight
  • USB cable
  • Instructions

This is the bigger brother of the PowerLight Mini. Contains a USB out with 4400mAh battery.

Price – $59.95

BaseLantern XL

The Biolite Baselantern Xl
The BioLite BaseLantern XL.

In the box:

  • BaseLantern
  • USB cord
  • Instructions

This is the Big Mamma of BioLite’s lighting range.

This is the sort of thing you take out when you’re in need of serious camp lighting for a group of people.

Connect with your BaseLantern via the BaseLantern LE Bluetooth app and set up sleep timers, real-time battery feedback and proximity activation.

Price – $129.95

Camp site lighting

BioLite makes camp site lighting too. These include:

  • SiteLight Mini
    • $19.95
  • SiteLight
    • $29.95
  • SiteLight XL
    • $29.95

The SiteLight Mini is a string that contains four lights. SiteLights can be daisy-chained together. The SiteLight XL is perfect for hanging from a tree.

Check out their website for more info.

Gear kits

Apart from the single products, BioLite offers bundle packages of their products.

For instance, their CampStove 2 bundle includes:

  • Stuff Sack
  • Instructions
  • USB Cord
  • CampStove 2
  • FlexLight
  • Firelighter
  • KettlePot with stuff sack
  • Portable Grill with cover

Order that package and you’re good to tackle the great outdoors with confidence.

Check out their website for more info.

Final thoughts

BioLite’s products are amazing.

Their smokeless stoves, especially, look like terrific contraptions, bringing high-tech without sacrificing usability.

Their CookStove and CampStove products are perfect for single campers.

If you’re camping with your family, the BaseCamp offers you a fantastic family camp grill with side-load functionality.

On top of grilling functionality, the CampStove and BaseCamp gives you the ability to charge your mobile phone or other electronic devices.

Need camp lights? They can help.

Portable solar panels? Yep.

Take a look at BioLite’s sensational products. You’ll love it.

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