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The Bobby Is A Secure Backpack Fit For Secret Agents

The Bobby backpack is a secure backpack that'll keep your mind off being robbed.
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The backpack, an essential part of life for many travelers.

An essential part of the pickpocket’s life too, unfortunately.

Many backpacks don’t offer the type of protection the daily traveler requires.

And this stuff often includes expensive electronics.

Things like high-end DSLR cameras, GoPro cameras, smart phones and laptops.

Not things you want a thief to have access to.

You need a bag you can sling onto your back that won’t have you peeking over your back every two minutes.

This Is Not Secure
This Is Not Secure.

Looking at the numbers supplied by the XD team, it’s frightening to see how many thieves get away with murder (figuratively speaking).

They claim that 400,000 pickpocket incidents take place every day, worldwide.

So XD Design decided to design a backpack that they call the best anti-theft backpack. They don’t specify whether it’s the best backpack in their neighborhood, their country, the world or on Mars. Maybe it’s the best anti-theft backpack they’ve ever designed.

I don’t know.

Still, the Bobby looks like a great product. Let’s take a look…

Hidden zipper

This is the most important aspect of the backpack.

XD Design built the Bobby the wrong way around, and through doing this, they’ve made it near impossible for passersby to open the bag’s zipper.

Instead of the zipper sitting at the outer edge of the Bobby, they placed it as close to your back as possible, along the inner-rim, and covered it, hiding it from sight.

Can You See A Zipper. Neither Can Thieves
Can you see a zipper? Neither can thieves.

Cut proof

A chainsaw should be able to hack through the Bobby, but how many chainsaw wielding pickpockets roam the world?

A knife or carpet knife won’t do the job though.

The Bobby’s body is constructed from layers of 300D polyester, 600D polyester and 0,23in (6mm) anti-shock foam, making for difficult entry even for the sharpest of blades.

A Layer Of Cut Proof Material Makes It Difficult For Thieves To Gain Entry Even With The Sharpest Of Blades
A Layer Of Cut Proof Material Makes It Difficult For Thieves To Gain Entry Even With The Sharpest Of Blades.

Water repellent

Spilled coffee on your bag?

No problem.

Take a cloth and swipe the liquid off the Bobby. It’ll come right off, since the Bobby is water-repellent.

Storm Brewing. The Bobby Don’t Budge Baby
Storm brewing? The Bobby don’t budge, baby.

Hidden pockets…

…for easy access, but not for pickpockets.

You don’t want to place your wallet and other items you need access to, inside your backpack. Then you’d have to take the pack off your back every time you want to pay for something. That’s a schlep.

XD built easy-access pockets into the side of the Bobby, but in such a place so as to not offer thieves an easy meal-ticket.

The bag’s straps cover the side pockets. You can amble, lumber, meander, parade, swagger or saunter along without watching your back.

Hidden Pockets For Easy Access. But Not For Thieves
Hidden pockets for easy access. But not for thieves.

Night security

One of the greatest concerns for the cyclist is visibility. In our little town we’ve had many cyclists involved in bad accidents over the years. And this is one little town. In cities the problem is amplified.

XD’s Bobby’s got you covered.

The Bobby comes with luminescent strips at the back and along the bag’s sides, ensuring that traffic from all sides spots you while you’re pedaling along.

Built-in charger

So you forgot to charge your phone last night and now you’re sitting at a coffee shop solving major marketing problems for your firm and a call comes through but your battery is about to die oh no what do you do???

First off, order another coffee. You’ll need it. It’s the boss again.

And stop stressing.

Plug your phone into the built-in power bank, the connector of which is also covered by a shoulder strap (in case a pickpocket needs access to a phone charger and makes use of your power bank without your knowledge).

A Power Bank Which Only You Have Access To
A Power Bank Which Only You Have Access To.

Final thoughts

The Bobby looks like a great product. It’s a wonderful solution for those wishing to keep their belongings safe, along with a few nice extras too.

You can learn more about, and pre-order your Bobby backpack through the official XD Design Bobby web page.

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