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This Coffee Cup Lid Comes With A Built-In Stirring Paddle

Stir your on-the-go coffee with the lid.
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A Florida man thinks he has the solution to not having to drink bitter coffee and lessening on-the-go coffee spills. It’s a coffee cup lid with built-in stirring paddle.

You’re not going to make it.

No matter how much you bob and weave through traffic, you’re going to be late.

“OK, so, if you’re going to be late,” you reason with yourself, “you can stop for a cup of coffee. You’re already late. It can’t get any worse. There’s no ‘late’ and ‘morer later’. Besides, you need coffee. The doctor said so.”

So you pull into a McDonald’s parking lot, run in, come jogging out juggling a cup of hot coffee and jump into your car.

You forgot the sugar.

You strain out of your car, balancing the cup with all your mental strength, and run back into McDonald’s, where you grab twenty packets of sugar and head for the car again.

Once in the car, you remove the lid from the cup and spill a drop of coffee onto your Loro Piana Cashmere Jogger Pants. You had to get a second job to buy this pair of pants, and now it’s ruined!

You tear open ten packets of sugar and dump it into the cup.

You don’t have a stirring paddle.

You finger the door handle and elbow the car door. More coffee spills, this time onto your Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Horn Mid Top Sneakers!

Can things get any worse?

You swear revenge on the person who designed take-away coffee cups. In fact, you’re taking down all franchises that sell any sort of beverage that might spill in any way.

You fume into McDonald’s, grab a handful of stirring sticks and head back to the car.

You get into your car and paddle the life out of your coffee. But you hold the cup away from you, over the center console.

You spill coffee onto your iPhone, which you’d forgotten you placed in the center console.

It’s time to give up and go home. You’ve lost the battle, and there’s still a war ahead at the office.

Or you could invest in a coffee cup lid that comes with a built-in stirring paddle.

Let’s take a look.

How it works

It’s not a simple design, as far as coffee cup lids go, but it’s simple to use.

It’s a plastic lid that fits onto a paper cup. While it’s stuck to the cup, it looks like a normal lid.

But lift it from the mug and it reveals a stirring paddle that extends to the bottom of the cup.

The product consists of three pieces.

Two pieces make up the lid. One piece is an outer rim that remains stationary once stuck onto the cup. The other is a rotating piece that fits into a groove in the outer rim.

The stirring paddle makes up the third part. You stick this into a hole in the inner part of the rotating part of the lid.

Once the stirring paddle is in place and the lid is on the cup, you rotate the lid’s inner piece, which causes the stirring paddle to rotate inside the cup, which stirs the content.

Adding sugar

You don’t need to remove the lid to add sugar to your drink.

There’s a hole in the middle of the lid, covered by a flap. Flip the flap and flood your coffee.

The whole thing sounds complex, but it’s not.


The product has received a US patent, which can be seen here: Beverage lid system, beverage lid and associated methods.

Why crowdfunding?

Mr Taylor doesn’t want you to buy a single lid.

He wants you to invest money for an equity stake in a company that’ll mass produce and supply places like McDonald’s.

For a $1000 investment you get a one percent stake.

If this takes off, it’ll line your pockets for a long time.


This sort of concept doesn’t come without concerns.

This product might run into trouble where it concerns packaging. A standard lid for paper cups is a one-piece design. It’s simple and efficient. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. No extra parts to lose.

Sometimes a simple product that does the job OK is better than a complex product that does a great job.

Final thoughts

A self-stirring coffee cup lid seems like a good idea.

The only thing worse than bitter coffee, if you like it sweet, is to drink coffee you KNOW contains sugar, but isn’t sweet because you couldn’t stir it. I remember going through that sort of thing when I still enjoyed sweet coffee. (These days I make my coffee with the AeroPress, which makes a delicious coffee without sugar.)

Who knows, perhaps the coffee cup lid with built-in stirring paddle is a roaring success. And if you’ve invested, you’ll be receiving fat pay checks for a long time.

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