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The Dash Cold Brew System Makes Cold Brew Coffee In Five Minutes

Cold brew produces the smoothest cup of coffee. But it takes 12 hours to make a cup. Until now...
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UPDATE: The Dash joins my Red List, due to the negative feedback on their Indiegogo campaign page. Stick to the traditional way of making cold brew. The Dash cold brew system doesn’t seem to work as advertised.

The folks at Dash claim they’ve created a system that cuts a cold brew coffee brewing session from 12 hours to five minutes.

I love my AeroPress. It’s one of the finest products I’ve ever bought.

But it can’t make cold brew coffee. Neither can the Staresso (which I bought along with the AeroPress) despite it advertised as capable of doing so.

I have a friend who makes cold brew and I love it. It’s a far smoother drink than hot brewed coffee.

He wanted to gift me a cold brew contraption, but I don’t have patience for this sort of thing. I can’t wait 12 hours for coffee. I want it now. The AeroPress’ coffee is delicious enough to go without cold brew.

But now there’s a company that claims they’ve invented a cold brew machine that cuts down brewing from 12 hours to five minutes.

It’s called the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System.

They’re crowdfunding their product on Indiegogo.

If this thing works, count me in. I don’t mind hurting my AeroPress’ feelings.

It’ll take a drink fit for kings and turn it into a peasant’s pleasure.

Let’s take a closer look…

What is cold brew coffee?

Let’s learn about cold brew coffee from Wikipedia.

Cold brew coffee also goes by the name of cold press coffee or cold water extract coffee.

To make cold brew coffee, you steep coarse ground coffee in room temperature water (some people prefer chilled water) for no less than 12 hours.

Coffee grounds must not come into direct contact with the water. They must be contained in a filter.

You can also make cold brew by dripping cold water through coffee grounds over half a day or more.

Cold brew coffee has a different chemical profile than standard brewed coffee. It contains less acid and less caffeine.

It’s healthier

Cold brew contains less acid than a hot brewed coffee.

This is not an empty marketing claim. It’s a stance supported by many, if not most, coffee connoisseurs.

My wife is sensitive to strong coffee. She prefers a cold brew because it’s easier on the stomach.

It’s smoother

As stated above, a cold brew is smoother than a normal coffee.

Even though I love my AeroPress, I’d lie if I said it makes a coffee that’s better than cold brewed coffee.

It doesn’t.

It makes the best hot brew I’ve ever tasted, but the best hot coffee is not as smooth as a cold brew.

Cold brew gives you all the kick, without the bite.

What is the Dash?

The Dash is a rapid cold brew system.

Where a traditional cold brew system takes at least 12 hours to make your cold press coffee, the Dash does it in five minutes.

This device, if it works as advertised, will turn the coffee making world on its head.


Using its patent pending ColdBoil™ technology, the Dash is able to deliver your cuppa cold in five minutes.

You don’t need to set a reminder for tonight if you want cold brew tomorrow morning. It’s as quick as a standard coffee machine, and quicker than some.

Easy to use

Some cold brew systems look like something out of Frankenstein’s laboratory, and require rocket scientificatilation to use.

The Dash comes with two containers. One is for coffee grounds, the other for water.

It’s four baby steps to a lovely cold brew:

  1. Fill the coffee container with coffee grounds.
  2. Fill the carafe with cold water.
  3. Turn the dial.
    • While you wait, make some toast.
  4. Pour your cold brew coffee.
    • Share with a friend or six. There’s enough to go round.

Enough to share

Cold brew brings out the worst in me. Because it’s a delicate beverage that takes hours to make, it’s not something I want to share.

When I’m gifted a container of cold brew, I treat it like a rare wine.

But the Dash turns the once scarce purple fabric that cold brew used to be, into a common color.

The Dash makes up to 1.5liters (50.72 fl oz, or 304326.09 US teaspoons) of cold brew coffee. That’s enough caffeine to invigorate the weakest of friendships.

Made to last

The Dash’s plastic parts are constructed of BPA-free Tritan copolymer.

The carafe is made from glass. They claim that it’s durable, and that it won’t stain or react with coffee.

Final thoughts

This looks like an amazing invention.

It’s quick. Where standard cold brew methods force you to wait 12 hours, the Dash has you infused with cold brew in five minutes.

It’s easy to use. Some cold brew systems require the help of a physicist to use. The Dash gives you amazing coffee in four easy steps.

It makes enough. With the traditional cold brew method, you do everything in your power to protect your cold brew from long fingers. The Dash conjures up to 1.5 litres of coffee. There’s enough cold brew for everyone. You can share with a smile.

Give the Dash a look. It seems like a great product.

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