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The Flash Ebike Focuses On Safety And Security

The Flash is a beautiful electric bicycle with amazing built in security and safety measures.
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A US company has brought their already-in-production electric bicycle, Flash, to Indiegogo for funding. They’ve taken great pains to build a bike that offers good range on a single charge. They’ve also added security measures that ensure that your Flash remains your Flash.

You want to go green, and a bicycle is a step in the right direction.

But you have to pedal a bicycle. Pedaling is inherent to riding a bike.

It’s not that you hate pedaling; it’s just that you have this thing against overexertion. You’ve heard of people keeling over from it.

You don’t see yourself laboring to the top of that hill on the way home, after a hard day’s work, five days a week. You’re not sacrificing your muscles on the altar of stupidity.

An electric bicycle looks like a good idea. While it does allow you a measure of exercise, the electric motor bears the brunt. That’s a good balance.

And if the battery dies, you won’t be stranded.

But which one do you buy when there are so many to choose from?

Let’s take a look at the Flash electric bicycle, available through Indiegogo.

It looks like a decent build with some amazing features. To top it off, this bike is already in production, way past the concept phase.

Many crowdfunding projects seem more like crowdfooling schemes, which is why Flash is a refreshing face.

Let’s take a closer look…


The Flash gives up to 500 watts of power and 48Nm of torque through a rear geared hub motor. A Shimano seven speed rear derailleur assists with pedaling.

Wheels are 26 inch aluminium double wall rims.

The Flash delivers a range of up to 49,7 miles (80kms) on a single charge.

I live 1.8 miles (2.9kms) from my office. That means I’d be able to commute to work and back for 13.8 days.

That’s more than two weeks of (week day) travel before it needs a charge.

Throttle and pedal assist

The Flash offers four levels of pedal assist. Choose your level and the bike lends a hand to your feet when needed.

If you need a Nacho Libre like burst of speed, twist the throttle and hang on.

Charge time

It takes between four to five hours to charge a depleted Flash battery.

The Flash charges like a mobile phone or laptop. You stick one end of the charger into a wall outlet and the other end into a port at the bottom of the down tube.


The guys behind Flash made it high priority to build safety into the bike. Check these features.

Powerful front lights

The Flash’s adjustable headlight shines a distance of up to 131 m.

Auto brake light

The Flash’s brake light turns on when you apply brakes.

The Flash Comes With Built In Brake Lights As Well As Indicators And Powerful Front Led
The Flash Comes With Built In Brake Lights As Well As Indicators And Powerful Front Led.

Running lights

The Flash has 360 degree running lights up front and in the rear, which are active while the bike is moving.


The Flash has built in indicators that add another level of road safety.


The Flash sports an 85 decibel hooter.

Noise Help says this is the level of noise of a passing diesel truck or snow blower.

This is well above the noise of light traffic, which sits at 50 decibel.


You want to buy a Flash once. You also want to keep your insurance claims to a minimum.

The Flash guys added three layers of security to their bicycle.


The Flash houses a movement sensitive alarm.

If someone bumps the bicycle, the built in touchscreen shows a warning.

If someone tries to steal it, the 85 decibel alarm activates and a light starts flashing.

This creates a scene like something out of a Christmas movie, but with a police officer playing Santa.

Mobile notifications

Your Flash bicycle comes with a free mobile app.

When the Flash’s armed system triggers, your Flash app sends a push notification.

The Flash App Displays All Sorts Of Handy Info Including Battery Level
The Flash App Displays All Sorts Of Handy Info Including Battery Level.


The Flash has built in location tracking.

If someone steals your Flash, the Flash company can help locate it via GPS.


The Flash has an IQ of well over 140. OK, that’s a joke.

But it does come with some amazing built in intelligence.


To turn on the Flash or disarm its alarm, use the bike’s built in touchscreen or the Flash phone app.


You can enter your destination into the app and receive turn-by-turn navigation.

I’m a Google Maps fan, so this feature doesn’t pique my interest. But you might like it.

Remote check in

You can check your Flash’s battery level and receive security alerts through the phone app.

Frame info

Some information surrounding the Flash’s frame.


The Flash’s frame is made from aircraft grade T6-6061 aluminium.


The Flash comes in one size only.

They built the frame with an angled down tube, to make it easier for shorter riders to get on and off the bike.

Suggested rider height: from 1.6 m to 1.9 m (5’3 to 6’2).

The Flash’s stand over height (over the down tube) is 24 inches. As long as the inside of your leg does not exceed 24 inches, you can stand over the frame, feet flat on the ground.

The Flash carries up to 299,829lbs (136kgs) in weight. That’s a big guy with a huge lunch box and some extras.

More detailed specs:

  • Seat Tube Height (C-T): 21in (533.4mm)
  • Stand over Height: 24in (609.6mm)
  • Effective Top Tube Length: 22in (558.8mm)
  • Handlebar Length: 25.98in (660mm)
  • Crank Arm Length: 6.69in (170mm)


The Flash comes in three colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Silver
  • White


The company makes custom mud guards for their bicycle. The Indiegogo campaign price is $50 for a set (front and rear). Shipping is free.

Details are available through their Indiegogo campaign page.

Third party

The Flash handles a number of third party addons like mud guards and baskets.

The Topeak Front Bicycle Basket fits onto the Flash’s handlebars.


If you buy the Flash and you’re not happy with it, you have 30 days to contact the Flash team, to discuss a return.

The Flash’s standard bicycle components carry a two year warranty, while electronics carry a 12 month warranty.

More details available on their Indiegogo page.


The Flash doesn’t ship internationally.

Due to certifications, regulations, and wireless performance, they make the Flash for the USA only.

If you manage to get one into your country, it won’t come with a warranty.

What I don’t like about the Flash

It’s as close to perfect as you’ll get, but there’s one thing I don’t like about the Flash.

The lights aren’t modular

I’m not a fan of the built in lights.

I know this is one of their safety USPs, but I’d prefer a more modular approach. I’d like to add my own lights.

It’s a non-hipster guy thing. I want bigger and better.

That said, this is not a train smash. It wouldn’t put me off from buying the Flash.

Final thoughts

The Flash is a good-looking bike loaded with safety and security features. The 80 km range is decent and the top speed of 27,9mph (45kph) is not to be sneezed at.

If you’re in the USA and you’re in the market for an electric bicycle, take a look at the Flash.

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