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Fully automated online marketing for small businesses

This fully automated online marketing package is seriously expensive, but it comes with some serious perks.
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You’re a busy person trying to get a small business off the ground.

You’ve got bills to pay; product to order; emails to send; calls to make.

You must hold on to your existing clients AND you must find new ones.

So you understand the importance of reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

Grabbing at anything

But it’s a lot of work, so you grab at any seemingly easy marketing solution, like boosting posts on your Facebook page.

You know, those “timesaving” solutions from Facebook.

But you soon realise that these boosted posts cost an insane amount of money. And you notice that likes and shares, however lekker it feels to get them, mean zilch in the bigger scheme of things.

But you keep going, because at least you’re getting something for your money, and other marketing solutions seem ludicrously expensive. (Because they are.)

It becomes a grudge buy, like buying life insurance or paying for medical aid. You don’t want to be extorted, but you feel like you have no choice.

I might have a solution for you…

Automated marketing

I’ve created an automated marketing system that lets you post from a single source that syndicates to multiple channels.

It’s a super expensive product but it comes with serious long term effectiveness.

This is how it works…

Get a website

It starts with a search engine optimised, mobile-friendly website.

My package includes three optimised, mobile-friendly web pages.

These pages come with all the info needed for clients to easily get hold of you.

It’s pretty standard stuff.

But your website also comes with a blog (or news) setup.

You post articles to your blog (or news) section.

But then comes the magic…

Automated syndication

From your blog (or news section), your content is automatically syndicated to your Facebook page, Pinterest account, Instagram and Twitter.

But it does more…

Automated newsletter

I set up your blog (or news) section to automatically send out as a newsletter, which allows you up to 500 free subscribers for a start. (You can upgrade later if you wish.)

Automatic blog posts

I’ve shown you how you can share your website’s content to various platforms in a fully automatic way.

But perhaps you want a website that creates content automatically.

In other words, you want blog posts to automatically appear and draw more traffic to your site.

No problem.

Simply hire me to add content to your website and rest assured that your website is being built in the most SEO-friendly way possible.

Reaching everywhere from a single point

You’re covering ALL your bases from a SINGLE platform.

Best of all, that platform belongs to you.

And the content on it belongs to you, not a social media website like Facebook.

In conclusion

If you need a fully automated online marketing system that legally works to get you more traffic and is set to bring you long term success, you need one of my website packages.

You get a search engine optimised, mobile-friendly website that does way more than simply sit and gather dust on a digital shelf.

It’s not cheap, but it’s effective.

Order your fully automated marketing package today and see your traffic and enquiries increase. And if your product isn’t junk, you’ll see sales increase too.

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