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Is Fuze The Future Of Payment Or Another Smart Card Set To Fail?

The Fuze Card received more than 4300% of their funding on Indiegogo. People love it. I don't know why.
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The Fuze is a credit-card-sized smart storage card that carries details of up to 30 credit, debit and gift cards.

That’s what the guys from Brilliant TS, the creators of the Fuze, say they’re bringing to the table.

On the surface it looks great. It’s a convenient way to clear wallet space.

But not everyone’s convinced that the Fuze is wonderful, and for good reason.

Let’s look at why the card received more than 4300% of its funding on Indiegogo, and then at critique against it.

Fuze claims

These are the claims from the folks behind Fuze.

Up to 30 cards

This is their main USP, and a good one.

The Fuze Card carries details of up to 30 cards. These include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Gift cards
  • ID cards
  • Membership cards
  • OTP cards

Variety of cards

According to Brilliant TS, the Fuze can store details for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and UnionPay.

It’s secure

If you lose it, use the Fuze app remote wipe technology to wipe all data from the Fuze.

If you forget it somewhere, or if the card’s on the move without you, the app notifies you.

Long battery life

The Fuze card gives you up to 30 days of battery life.

Works everywhere

Brilliant TS says their card works anywhere traditional plastic cards are accepted.

Works out of range

The Fuze doesn’t need to be in your phone’s range to work. You can set one of your loaded cards as the preferred card to use when the Fuze is out of range. It locks once you’ve completed the transaction.

Remote wipe

If you lose your Fuze Card, you can wipe it from a remote destination.


Brilliant TS’ claims seem wonderful, but a google reveals tech savvy internet users who doubt that the technology can deliver.

Here are some concerns.

Is it ThinPL, Bpay or Fuze?

I understand security through obscurity, but I don’t see how it applies to branding. It seems Brilliant TS couldn’t make up their mind about what to call their product.

So they created two (or more?) products under two different names. But they’re the same thing.

They currently have two websites accessible from, and

These products are exactly the same.

This is confusing.

To muddle things more, it seems they used to call the Fuze, ThinPL.

Others have failed

Fuze is not the first company to launch a product like this.

There have been others, including:

  • Plastc
  • Coin

Both of these products are not in the game anymore.

Plastc’s failure left a bitter taste in the mouth of backers. That bitter taste should serve as a warning for anybody willing to back anything similar.

Yet, it doesn’t. Must be the overpowering stench of marketing dung.

Banks won’t approve it

Credit card fraud is a problem. I know. I used to work for a company that dealt with credit card payments on a daily basis.

Allowing a card like the Fuze widespread use will increase opportunities for fraud.

No monetary institution in their right mind would allow something that proliferates fraud.

Best they kill this sort of thing before it gets a chance to breathe.

What if the battery dies?

If the battery dies on you, you’re left with a fat nothing.

You might be able to access card details through the Fuze app, but how will this help you pay?

Losing your Fuze Card

You’re on holiday, and you’ve left all your cards at home, in favor of using the Fuze.

But you lose the Fuze.

Now what?

You’ve placed all your eggs in one basket, held the basket up for all to see, the bottom dropped out and you’ve got egg on your face.

Take note of these concerns before you throw money at the Fuze Card. It looks like many supporters didn’t do their due diligence before backing this product.


Brilliant TS has four Fuze Card pre-order packages.

[table id=36 /]

What’s included?

Your investment in the Fuze gives you a:

  • Fuze Card
  • Fuze card reader
  • Portable battery charger
Fuze Card Reader Portable Battery Charger And Fuze Card
Fuze Card Reader Portable Battery Charger And Fuze Card.

Final thoughts

At face value, the Fuze Card seems like a wonderful tool for cutting card clutter.

Pity it seems set for spectacular failure.

There’s enough historic data to show that there’s no reason for the Fuze to work.

By all means, support them. But do it to receive a keepsake, not a usable product.

Any alternatives?

There are plenty of mobile payment options. You don’t need another piece of hardware to make payments. A mobile phone loaded with the right app is a powerful payment system.

Google and Apple (to name but two) both have amazing payment options. You don’t need another card.


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