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The GoBout Lets You Carry Your Body Wash, Shampoo, Face Cream And Conditioner In A Single Carry On Friendly Container

Carry essential toiletries with you in a single container that takes up little space.
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The GoBout is a plastic container that consolidates important toiletries into a single carry on friendly container (without mixing them).

It’s lovely to open your travel bag and have charging cables pop out like jack-in-the-boxes (because you don’t own the Magible).

It’s even better when a funky smell dances up into your nostrils and scorches your nose hair. It’s those dirty shirts having a party (because you don’t own the Scrubba).

You’re not sure what you did with your extra camera battery, but you need it, so you keep rummaging.

Locals are staring. You look like a hungry monkey scrounging for food in a stolen backpack.

Your hand reaches the part of the bag reserved for toiletries. Fingers meet bottle upon bottle of conditioner, sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, face wash, what not else. You have enough creams to lubricate a truck engine.

Something must have leaked, because your fingers feel creamy.

It’s about time you sort out your bag, don’t you think?

Here’s the perfect product for you (if it works as advertised). It’s called the GoBout, and it’s in funding stage on Indiegogo.

Let’s take a look…

What is the GoBout?

The GoBout is a round plastic container with a rotatable top. It contains a number of clear plastic bottles, each with a dispenser.

(If you’re familiar with the multi-chamber spice jar, you’ll have a rough idea how the GoBout works.)

The small GoBout takes four slim dispensing bottles; the large one takes five.

The clear dispensers slide into the GoBout, where they sit and wait for you to use them.

The GoBout’s top cap has a single hole on the side and twists around the main container. You line up the hole with a dispenser nozzle and press the top. This dispenses whatever you keep in them.

How does it work?

The GoBout is a low-tech gadget (right up my alley). Here’s how it works…

How to fill the GoBout

Fill the GoBout in five steps…

  1. Open the bottom of the GoBout.
  2. Remove the dispenser bottles.
    • These should slip out.
  3. Fill each of the dispenser bottles with a substance of your choice.
    • This could be shampoo, conditioner, face wash or a similar item.
    • Don’t fill it with toothpaste. It might be too thick.
  4. Slide the dispenser bottles back into the GoBout.
    • The dispensing nozzle must be top side.
  5. Screw the bottom back on.

Your GoBout is loaded and ready for use.

How to use the GoBout

Use the GoBout in two easy steps:

  1. Twist the top cap to reveal the nozzle of the dispenser you’d like to use.
  2. Press the button on top of the rotatable top.
    • Dispensing into your palm seems like a good idea.


At some airports you’ll need to remove the dispenser bottles from the GoBout. You won’t need to do this with the small GoBout.


Some concerns about the product include…

Cream gets old

If you fill your GoBout but don’t travel often, you’ll end up with a container filled with contents that go old. Your face cream might separate; your moisturizer might turn into window putty.

It won’t cut down on waste

They make a big thing about the product cutting down on waste.

I’ll take that claim with a pinch of bath salt.

You need to buy toiletries to transfer to the GoBout’s dispensers. Those toiletries come in plastic containers, unless you’ve found an outlet where they dispense face cream or body soap into your palm when you buy it.

By buying the GoBout you’re adding MORE plastic to the environment.

Lose a GoBout dispensing unit or two and your footprint swells.

How are the dispensers marked?

What if you wash your hair with thinners by accident?

Granted, if you’re the type of person who puts thinners in a container like the GoBout, you have bigger problems than flammable hair.

Final thoughts

The GoBout’s not my thing.

If I had my way, I’d travel with a single t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a toothpick and a splotch of toothpaste, which I’d mix with a little shampoo to give me the best of two worlds. (Plus, I need space for my AeroPress.)

But my wife likes the GoBout. I wrote this post because she sees its potential. And I understand why.

The GoBout is for you if you’re a frequent traveler and you want your toiletries organised into a single unit.

It’s one of those products that might end up in your cupboard, forgotten, if you don’t travel often. That’s what would happen if I owned it.

But for those who travel much, this seems like a great addition to their travel luggage.

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