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The Temperfect Travel Mug Keeps Your Coffee At The Perfect Temperature, From First Sip To Last

The Joeveo Temperfect makes your hot beverage's temperature drop to a manageable level and keeps it there for hours.
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Joeveo, a Wake Forest, North Carolina based outfit, has designed what they think is the perfect travel mug for coffee lovers. It keeps your coffee at the right temperature from the get go, right to the last drop. And it does so without gadgets and goodies.

Travel mugs are great.

They’re the saviors of the modern surface, whether indoors or out. Carpets, tiles, desks, car seat covers and maids all over the world are thankful for the invention of the travel mug.

But don’t you hate it when your travel mug can’t get the temperature right?

First it’s too hot. When you take a sip it scorches your mouth. You might as well gargle an active volcano.

Then it cools down. When you take a sip it freezes you and those within a 10 meter radius. You might as well lick a shaved polar bear.

You don’t want Tepid Tea and Joyless Joe to ruin your life. You can’t go to all the trouble of making amazing coffee (with the AeroPress, for instance), only to throw it down the drain every time.

You need something that’ll keep your coffee at the right temperature long enough for you to savor it. Not gulp it down, savoir.

Dean Verhoeven and Logan Maxwell, owners of Joeveo, a NC-based company, have your back. They’ve created what they think is the perfect travel mug for hot beverages.

Their mug extracts excess heat from your drink and stores it for later use. No electricity involved; no app; no extras.

Let’s take a look.

How does it work?

The Temperfect is a vacuum-insulated travel mug with two layers of insulation.

Standard travel mugs come with a single layer of insulation. The Temperfect’s second layer is what makes it stand out. It absorbs the excess heat from your drink and releases it over time.

It’s science, but it looks like voodoo.

How to use it

There’s no special way to use the Temperfect. It works the same as a standard travel mug.

You pour your beverage into it, secure the lid onto it and wait for the mug to cool the liquid down before you take a sip.


We can go into a lot of detail about the perfect heat for water used for hot beverages. Some people claim that coffee requires water heated to 90 degrees Celsius. But most people use a standard off-the-shelf one temperature kettle.

(We bought a variable temperature kettle, thinking it would change our coffee lives. Truth is, we heat water to boiling point, 99 percent of the time.)

Water boils at a 100 degrees Celsius. A standard kettle heats water to that level. I’d have thought Joeveo would have based their design with this information taken into consideration.

But, they based the design of their product on an average heat of 79.44 degrees Celsius (175 degrees Fahrenheit).

That’s the average heat of a beverage that comes out of a machine, they claim.

So keep in mind that the Temperfect is best suited to coffee or tea that was made with a machine that offers temperature regulation.

The Temperfect decreases the temperature to between 52 and 62 degrees Celsius in two minutes, and keeps it there for two hours or longer.


They make the Temperfect from 304 stainless steel. It’s brushed on the outside and polished on the inside.

They make the cap from a white food-grade polypropylene.

You can choose a silicone sleeve, or get the Temperfect with a titanium oxide coating.

The titanium oxide coating is a matte ceramic finish. It’s used in industrial applications where heat- or wear resistance is crucial. You won’t like this coating if you don’t appreciate a rough look. Even though it’s scratch resistant, it does build up a patina of scuff marks.

Is it leak proof?

The Temperfect is splosh proof, but not leak proof.

It’s designed to keep your drink warm and prevent the content from splashing in your face while you’re swaggering down the road, swigging on your drink.

But if you tilt the Temperfect, it will drip.

Is it dishwasher safe?

You can’t clean the tumbler’s body in the dishwasher. The heat generated by a dishwasher might damage the vacuum insulation, given enough exposure.

You can wash the cover and sleeve in the dishwasher.

The Temperfect Is Not Meant To Be Cleaned In A Dishwashing Machine 889x500
The Temperfect Is Not Meant To Be Cleaned In A Dish Washing Machine 889×500.


I have no idea what sort of warranty the Temperfect comes with, if any at all.


You can get a Joeveo Temperfect for $40 while they’re still in crowdfunding stage. That’s the standard mug with an orange sleeve.

You can buy the The titanium oxide coated Temperfect for $280. That’s seven times the price of the standard coated Temperfect.

Your money, your choice.

Crowdfunding sleeve colours

Joeveo added two colors to their crowdfunding campaign, cobalt blue and medium rose. They sell for $45 each.

The Limited Edition Medium Rose Or Cobalt Blue Sleeve Joeveo Temperfect
The Limited Edition Medium Rose Or Cobalt Blue Sleeve Joeveo Temperfect.

Final thoughts

The Temperfect looks like a great product.

It won’t give you chiseled features. It won’t kill your cholesterol either. But as far as keeping your drink at the correct temperature goes, if it works as advertised, it should work well.

No more Tepid Tea and Joyless Joe.

Enjoy your hot beverage at the correct temperature.

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