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The Kiwi P1 Is A Compact, Easy-To-Use Laser Measuring Tool That Replaces Your Measuring Tape

Ditch the measuring tape and the need for an extra hand for measuring long distances. Get this laser measuring tool instead.
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One button operation; small construction; more accurate than a tape measure; easier to read than a tape measure. These are the top reasons for backing the Kiwi P1.

Robert’s been army volunteered by his loving wife, Generalissimo Sam, to extend her kitchen cupboards.

Robert’s not much of a carpenter, but he’s better at woodworking than he is at fighting off Sam, so he springs into action.

First, a visit to the tool shop. He pops in to buy wood, nails and glue, and exits with wood, nails, glue, a hammer, a spirit level, a set of cement drills, a set of drywall stilts, a Makita cordless drill and a laser measuring tool.

Robert the Relaxed turns into Bob the Builder.

At home he heads for the garage where he sorts out tools and cleans up work spaces. When he’s done with that, he goes to work on his wife’s cupboards, but not before enjoying a cold one to the smooth sounds of Ambrosia.

Now’s a good time to try out that beautiful laser measurer he bought.

He removes it from the box and switches it on.

But he can’t figure out how it works. All those buttons…

He shakes the box and a user manual falls out. He opens the manual. After trying to read the manual, he concludes that the manual lacks a user manual.

This thing looks like a remote control for a TV.

It takes him half an hour to figure out that the green button does not switch on the device. Nor does it switch between metric and Imperial.

After an hour of trying to make sense of the laser distance meter, he gives up and places it on the top shelf, next to the Flex-O-Ladder, relegated to the “might need it in future,” category; what Sam calls his treadmill collection.

He takes out a measuring tape and goes to work. Sam wants to see progress, or there will be consequences. The problem is, he needs an extra hand for using the measuring tape!

This day is heading for a disastrous ending.

The only thing Robert can show for buying the laser measuring tool is a lighter wallet.

He should have taken a look at the Kiwi P1.

It’s a one-button laser measuring tool that’s aimed at making measuring simple.

Let’s take a look…

What is the Kiwi P1?

The Kiwi P1 is an LDM (laser distance meter), or laser measuring tool. It allows you to measure a straight distance between two points, using a laser beam.

It has a digital display that shows the distance you’re measuring.

Who can use it

The Kiwi P1 is perfect for many professions:

  1. Interior designers
  2. Architects
  3. Exhibit booth constructors
  4. Real estate agents
  5. Carpenters
  6. Shopfitters
  7. Metal construction workers
  8. Building construction workers

And any profession that requires you to take measurements.

Where to use it

There are a myriad uses for the Kiwi P1.

Use it to measure your living room. Or use it to measure the furniture in your living room.

Building new cupboards? Whip out the P1.

Wondering whether that beautiful chair you have your eye on, will fit through your front door? The Kiwi will tell you.

Thinking of renting an inflatable jumping castle, but not sure if it’ll fit in your backyard? Check it with the Kiwi.

Want to host a game of indoor baseball, but the organizers need the size of the venue? Measure with the Kiwi P1.

Auto fetch mode

This is an amazing feature.

You can place the Kiwi P1 on one end of a surface and double click the button. This puts the P1 into auto fetch mode.

When in this mode, the Kiwi P1 only takes a measurement after ten seconds.

This gives you enough time to move to the other end of the surface, line up an object against which the P1’s laser can bounce off and record a measurement.


The Kiwi P1 is accurate to 0,078in (2mm). That’s in line with entry level LDMs such as the Leica D1 and Bosch GLM35.


The Kiwi P1 comes with a class 2 diode laser. This is in line with most LDM tools.

It won’t harm your skin, but if used incorrectly, it could damage your eyes.

Children must not use the P1 without adult supervision.

Keep the P1 away from pets.


The Kiwi P1 measures up to 131.234 feet (40 meters). That’s far. It’s an ample distance for indoor use.

You thought your eight meter measuring tape gave you excellent distance…


The Kiwi P1 takes two AAA batteries.

Smart Switch

The smart switch is an optional extension to the Kiwi P1.

It fits onto the P1 and lets you hang the P1 from an edge.

Hang The Kiwi P1 From An Edge Using The Smart Edge
Hang The Kiwi P1 From An Edge Using The Smart Edge.


The Kiwi P1 comes with a one year warranty.

Final thoughts

The Kiwi P1 looks like a great tool.

It’s not ISO certified, but it’s so cheap that, even should it fail, you won’t have broken the bank to get one.

It’ll make your life easier if you’re short on extra hands.

It comes with a single button, making it easy to use. It’s easier to use than a tape measure. You don’t have to deal with a tape that dangles this way and that and won’t straighten out.

It has a range of more than 130 feet (40 meters). That’s far better than a tape measure.

The P1’s auto fetch mode activates with a double click of the button and gives you ten seconds to line up something the laser can bounce against. this is handy if you want to measure the distance of a surface with no adjacent wall or edge, and you don’t have a helper to hold something in place.

The Kiwi P1 looks like a handy little tool. Give it a look. If it works as advertised, it’ll save you tons of effort.

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