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The KnifeRobot Is A Fully Automated Desktop Knife Sharpener

KnifeRobot's patented CNC knife sharpener, the Auto Sharp, looks like a great tool. If you need sharp knives but can't or won't sharpen your own, this is the gadget for you.
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UPDATE: this project didn’t see the light of day. It does not, however, seem to be tied to a scam. Rather, it seems the creators couldn’t finalize their product and refunded backers. It’s sad, because the Knife Robot is a phenomenal concept. While you’re here, check out my in-depth review of the Work Sharp Ken Onion.

KnifeRobot’s patented CNC knife sharpener, the Auto Sharp, looks like a great tool. If you need sharp knives but can’t or won’t sharpen your own, this is the gadget for you. It’s as handy as a microwave oven; as thorough as a German engineer. It’s a cutting edge tool. Literally.

Indiegogo recently highlighted the KnifeRobot Auto Sharp in one of their newsletters. I thought I’d write an article about it. The Auto Sharp is far more expensive than the Work Sharp Ken Onion (which I own and wrote a review of), but if it works as advertised, it’s even better than the Work Sharp (which is quite thing to say, since the Work Sharp Ken Onion is a lovely machine).

Who is the KnifeRobot Auto Sharp for?

The Auto Sharp is for you if you need a sharp knife but…

  • …you can’t sharpen a knife to save your life,
  • …you can’t wait for someone else to sharpen your knife,
  • …you don’t want to pay someone to sharpen your knife,
  • …you don’t want to spend time sharpening when you could be chilling.

The KnifeRobot Auto Sharp will blow your mind. Anyone who uses a plain edged knife should take a look.

Who’s behind KnifeRobot?

There are a few (good) men behind KnifeRobot:

  • Dmitriy (Jim) Kolchin.
    • Founder and CEO.
  • Ben McKee.
    • Hardware.
  • Alex Timoshenko.
    • Software.
  • Ed Schempp.
    • Company ninja.

Ed Schempp is a well-known knife maker and former rope cutting world champion. You’ll find his designs on

Why did they start the company?

It’s a simple story. Jim, The CEO of KnifeRobot, got tired of hand-sharpening knives. This led him to build a rudimentary Auto Sharp with an Arduino and a cheap CNC machine.

From there the quest for the perfect knife sharpener led them to the current Auto Sharp.

How does the Auto Sharp work?

The Auto Sharp is a mini CNC knife sharpener that offers effortless knife sharpening.

Follow these steps to a sharp knife:

  • Place your knife inside the Auto Sharp.
    • From what I can tell, you don’t even have to clamp the knife. The Auto Sharp does this for you.
  • The built-in shape sensor detects the knife’s shape.
  • The coarse belt sharpens one side of the blade, then the other side.
  • The microscopic camera detects the blade’s burr.
  • The fine belt removes the burr on one side of the blade, then removes it on the other side.

While all this is happening, switch on the kettle and make yourself an AeroPress coffee.

Everything’s adjustable

The Auto Sharp allows you to adjust the angle, speed and pressure at which it sharpens. This ensures that the blade doesn’t overheat. It also sharpens your knife at the perfect angle.

Max knife size

Here are the largest sizes the Auto Sharp can handle:

  • Max knife length: 254mm (10 inches).
  • Max width: 101,6mm (4 inches).
  • Max thickness: 9,525mm (3/8 inches).

Size and weight

I contacted the KnifeRobot guys for this info. Jim replied with the following: “…we don’t know for sure, it might change some.”

The Auto Sharp is in pre-production stage. It’s understandable that they haven’t settled on exact size and weight yet.

What powers it?

The Auto Sharp runs on electricity. It’s plug and play.

It’s available in 110V and 220V.

Sanding belt info

The KnifeRobot Auto Sharp makes use of two sanding belts—one coarse, one fine—to sharpen your blade.

  • Belt size: 12 inch x 1/2 inch.

There’s nothing special about the belts. It’s a common sanding belt. Use a 220 grit for the coarse belt and a 6000 grit for the fine belt.

They’re available from Amazon for roughly $1 each.

How long does a belt last?

The Auto Sharp’s sanding belts sharpens up to a 100 times.

Are the belts replaceable?

The sanding belts are replaceable.

How long does it take to replace a belt?

It takes about two minutes to replace a belt on the Auto Sharp. That’s quick.

What type of blade does it sharpen?

The KnifeRobot Auto Sharp can’t sharpen serrated blades, only plain edge blades. This is not better or worse than a Lansky, for instance. It’s standard in knife sharpening tools. Sharpening serrated edges requires special tools.


There are four packages available from KnifeRobot. I’m posting them exactly as they are on the Indiegogo website.

Usd279 Early Bird Package
Usd279 Early Bird Package.
Usd299 Portable Kniferobot Package
Usd299 Portable Kniferobot Package.
Usd599 Portable Limited Edition Package
Usd599 Portable Limited Edition Package.
Usd5000 Built In For Chefs Package
Usd5000 Built In For Chefs Package.

Portable Early Birds (SOLD OUT!)

Portable Knife Robot Auto Sharp w/aluminum panels (retail $700).

  • Items included: Portable KnifeRobot.
  • Price: $279.

Portable KnifeRobot

Portable Knife Robot Auto Sharp w/aluminum panels (retail $700).

  • Items included: Portable KnifeRobot.
  • Price: $299.

Portable Limited Edition

Portable Knife Robot Auto Sharp with Black Carbon Fiber Panels Limited Edition.

  • Items included: Portable Black Carbon LE.
  • Price: $599.

KnifeRobot Built-In

Built-in Counter Top KnifeRobot. Knives are automatically maintained.

  • Items included: Portable Black Carbon LE.
  • Price: $5000.


The KnifeRobot Auto Sharp comes with a one-year warranty.


The Auto Sharp *ships to these countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Germany

*KnifeRobot adds shipping after the campaign.

Final thoughts

The Auto Sharp saves you energy. If you don’t believe me, cut a thick pumpkin with a blunt knife. Then sharpen the blade and cut the same pumpkin. Let me know if there’s a difference. Unless you’re Arnold or Sylvester, you will notice a difference.

The Auto Sharp saves you money. It makes more sense to pop your knife into a portable tool than to send it out for someone else to sharpen. Your wait goes from hours (days, weeks?) to minutes.

The Auto Sharp is easy to use. Pop in your knife, close the machine and press a button. Wait five minutes. There, a sharp knife.

If the Auto Sharp works as advertised, it’s worth every cent.

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