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Magible Is A Cross-Device Charging Cable

Magible is a cross-device charging and data transfer cable. It also offers USB On The Go functionality.
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UPDATE: seems this is a junky re-brand of a product that’s available on places like AliExpress, so it’s a flop. Check the Indiegogo comments to see how disgruntled some backers are.

Magible is a charging and data transfer cable with Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C, USB and USB-C to USB adapters, all in one. It keeps Apple fans calm when Apple releases new products.

You own a stash of charging cables. They’re part of the family. They have a permanent place in your travel bag’s side pocket. You can’t imagine leaving home without them.

There’s a cable for your iPhone 6. There’s one for your iPad. You have another one for your Kindle. Then there’s the cable for your laptop, and another one for your mirrorless camera.

Of course, your partner’s cables go into your bag too. That includes the MacBook Pro’s cable. Best to keep similar things together.

There are also the extra cables you bought while on the go because you’d forgotten some cables the last three times you traveled.

When you pass through customs, the X-ray makes your bag look like it has a severe worm problem.

When you open your bag to find a cable, they pop out like streamers. It takes some scratching, but you always find the right one.

That sound like you?

There’s no way to fix this. It is what it is. You’ll forever be travelling with a million cables.


You might be wrong.

Someone wants to cure the cable conundrum with a prototype USB-based interchangeable cable called Magible.

Let’s take a close look.

What is the Magible?

Magible is an all-in-one power and data transfer cable.

One end of the cable is a Lightning and Micro USB connection with detachable USB-C connector.

The other end is a USB connection with detachable USB-C connector.

The idea is to chuck out all your old charging cables in favor of one, even if you’re an avid Apple fan.

Magible Is An All In One Charging And Data Transfer Cable
Magible Is An All In One Charging And Data Transfer Cable.


Magible is an all-in-one cable.

It does everything your other charging cables do, and if it works as advertised, even better than the old cables.

Chuck out all your other charging cables and get Magible.


Magible charges a wide range of electronics.

If your device comes with a Lightning, Micro USB or USB-C port, Magible can charge it.

Data transfer

Need to transfer data between two devices?

Easy task for the Magible.

Which devices are most likely to have data shared between?

You might download a podcast to your computer and transfer it to your phone. Or you might take pics with your phone and upload it to your laptop.

Whatever your data transfer needs, Magible takes care of it.

Of course, in most cases, an app does a fine job of transferring data. If you have two devices on the same WiFi radio connection, use SHAREit.

SHAREit covers all operating systems and according to their website, the app is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Charge phone to phone

When it comes to charging (and data transfer), you need two things: a host and a device. Power flows from the host to the device. In our household, the PC and wall power outlets are hosts, while our Android phones are the devices.

You might have a MacBook play the role of host, while your iPhone is the device.

You’re out for coffee with a friend, but you forgot to charge your phone, so you pack your charging cable in the hopes that the coffee shop has a USB outlet. Why wouldn’t they? These are modern times.

You arrive at the coffee shop, see your friend and take a seat opposite him. You scan the place for a wall outlet, but there’s nothing.

You need your phone to stay on. You’re expecting an important call.

Now, if you had a Magible, you’d be able to grab some power from your friend’s phone. You’d be able to turn your friend’s phone into a host.

Turn your phone into a computer

Magible’s USB On The go technology allows you to turn your phone into a host, provided it comes with USB-C.

This allows you to connect any USB device to your phone. This includes:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Flash drive
  • External hard drive
  • Printer

Extra display

The Duet Display app, available for Mac and PC, coupled with Magible, lets you use your iPad as an extended display.


I have a few concerns about Magible…

No creator info

There’s hardly any info on the creator of the product.

Their Indiegogo campaign doesn’t show a website, Facebook page or Twitter account. It only shows that their email address had been verified. That means nothing.

It’s possible that this scheme could turn out to be a scam.

I hope it’s not. I hope it turns out well for all backers.

They’ve received more funding than they’ve asked for. Time will tell if they can deliver.

Charges and transfers faster…

…than what?

The Magible video claims that their product charges 150 percent faster and transfers data 30 percent faster.

But they don’t compare it to anything.

Does it charge your device faster than Usain Bolt running the 100 meters?

Does it transfer data faster than a tortoise walking across the Kalahari?

No Mini-USB

Magible can’t help you if you own a camera with a Mini-USB port.

Can’t charge some laptops

USB-C is far from standard for most laptops. You’re still stuck dragging your laptop’s charger along, if your machine is of the older variety.

Final thoughts

Magible looks like a great product.

If they deliver, the creators of Magible gives you all the reason in the world to chuck out most of your charging cables in favor of their product.

Not only does it give you an all-in-one charging and data transfer solution, it also let’s you charge phone-to-phone.

It also gives you USB On The Go, which allows you connect any USB device to your phone.

Take a closer look at the Magible. You might like it.

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