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The Maxeri Is A Tactical EDC Pocket Knife That Fits Inside Your Coin Pocket

At 80 mm open length, this micro EDC knife is small enough to fit inside your coin pocket. Looks like a great little tool for minor cutting or slashing needs.
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UPDATE: the Maxeri is no longer available on Amazon. But while you’re here, check out my review of the Work Sharp Ken Onion knife sharpener.

This knife is being marketed on Kickstarter as the B-2 Bomber nano blade ( It’s someone taking advantage of a chasm on a crowdfunding website.

Is This The Worlds Smallest Edc Knife
Is This The Worlds Smallest Edc Knife.

You’re a fan of knives. You’ve seen a few EDC knives, but you don’t like them. They’re too bulky; they’re more like EDC pangas.

You want a knife for helping out with mini hassles, not for fighting hordes of vengeful ninjas.

The Maxeri is an EDC tactical knife so small it fits into your coin pocket, and leaves room for change. (Sounds like the Jelly smartphone.)

It looks like a great product.

Let’s take a closer look…


The Maxeri has a distinct military flavour, with the body and blade finished in black. The angular design adds to the military feel.

You look at the knife and wonder if it comes with a tin of camo face paint and a free GI Joe action figure. (It looks small enough to fit inside the hand of a GI Joe action figure.)

Blade design

The tip of the Maxeri’s blade edge is smooth, while the heel has a serrated, Great American Tooth pattern.

You can use the smooth part to slice through cardboard, leather, paper, biltong, paper packages and other everyday materials.

The serrated part of the blade does well at sawing and raking wood fibres.

The blade’s perforation prevents whatever you’re cutting from sticking to it.

Maxeri chose to shape the non-serrated part of the blade’s edge with a double-sided flat grind.

This is standard on many knives. It’s a good design, since it allows for easy sharpening with a Lansky sharpening kit.

The serrated part of the edge is chisel ground. A chisel grind is a single-sided grind. This is a popular style for serrated blades.

The Maxeri Is Great At Cutting Thin Branches
The Maxeri Is Great At Cutting Thin Branches.

Snap lock

The Maxeri snaps into place when you open it. This prevents the blade from closing when in use.

To close the knife, push the locking lever to the open position and swivel the blade into the handle.

No wiggle

When you close the Maxeri’s blade, there’s no wiggle in the blade.

The blade is tight and cannot be moved, not even a hairsbreadth.


This from their Amazon page: “100% GUARANTEE – If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us to rectify the issue.”


The Maxeri does not ship anywhere from Amazon.

It doesn’t ship to South Africa, for instance. You’d need to use Aramex Global Shopper for handling international shipping.


The Maxeri sells for $29.99 on Amazon.

Final thoughts

The Maxeri looks like a fantastic little EDC knife, especially for those who don’t want to go full Mission Impossible.

It fits inside your coin pocket, ready for micro action.


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