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Can The Modius Really Make You Lose Weight Or Will It Only Lighten Your Wallet?

The Modius is a device you stick on your head for 45 minutes a day. It's supposed to help you lose weight.
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The creator of the Modius says that his device can help people lose weight.

I’m not convinced.

Does the following type of advertising copy look familiar?

How would you like to have Arnold’s body, but without the tedious daily workouts and insane dietary restrictions?

How would you like to have a body so ripped, people mistake you for Groot?

But who wants to work out, right? Who wants to plan their meals and eat a little carrot here and a stick of celery there?

Ugh! Right? Yuck!

Well, now there’s a revolutionary, high tech, cutting edge weight slaughtering apparatus so advanced, it was BANNED BY THE MILITARY!

That’s right, so apocalyptically dangerous is this device to fat, that the CIA KILLED the man who invented it and sent his family to a Russian gulag with no WiFi and only rats for food!*

Now, using this device, you can plow through a box of donuts, scoff down a chicken pie dunked in full fat cream, gorge on a sack of sugar dipped in coffee, and stare down two kilograms of steak with a triple portion of chips, and disgorge MILES of fat around your waist while you’re doing it!

This gadget melts away your fat like butter in a microwave oven!

And while the fat flows like a river from you into the setting sun, your body automatically rips more muscle! In fact, this gadget causes the fat that oozes from your body, to turn into dollars that FLOW INTO YOUR SWISS BANK ACCOUNT that it created the moment you bought it!

It’s like you swallowed a fat-eating virus and you’re watching your bounce ball belly being devoured from the inside, leaving only a six-pack as hard as a diamond that swallowed a packet of diamonds!

But that’s not all!

By using this device daily, your energy levels don’t just leap off the charts, they set a course for Mars and rocket straight past that, into another dimension!

Just look at this before and after picture of Mister Stump McBulkyMuscle from Williamsonsburguncityville in West Arkanchooktaw.

Stump Mcbulkymuscle Before Using The Revolutionary Weight Loss Gadget
Stump Mcbulkymuscle Before Using The Revolutionary Weight Loss Gadget.
Stump Mcbulkymuscle After Having Lost Three Humans Worth Of Weight From Using This Revolutionary Weight Loss Gadget
Stump Mcbulkymuscle After Having Lost Three Humans Worth Of Weight From Using This Revolutionary Weight Loss Gadget.

Wowzers! It’s like it’s not even the same person!!!

This ultra secret, high tech device is now available for a ridiculously low price! But you better hurry, cos the military is rounding up distributors of the product as we speak!

It won’t be long before this gadget is BANNED FROM PLANET EARTH!!!

That spiel look familiar?

These sort of weight loss ventures are on auto-cycle in the marketing world.

That’s because there’s plenty of money to make from them. I’ll admit, sometimes I get sucked in too.

Do these ventures work?


Here’s photographic proof…

My Wallet Before Buying A Weight Loss Apparatus
My Wallet Before Buying A Weight Loss Apparatus.
My Wallet After Buying A Weight Loss Apparatus
My Wallet After Buying A Weight Loss Apparatus.

Notice the difference in weight? Remarkable!

Now there’s another promise, this time from Neurovalens, a Californian health-tech company.

They’ve created a device called Modius.

To be clear, I’m not saying that the Modius doesn’t work. That’s not my beef with this sort of device.

Read on to see where I have a problem with this doodad.

Let’s take a look at the Modius.

What is Modius?

Their website states that Modius is a groundbreaking Careable techTM headset, which can help you burn fat, get a lean body, and keep a lean body.

Their Indiegogo campaign states that Modius is revolutionary new careable technology, developed by neuroscientists at the University of California San Diego.

I’m coining a new term: bewareable tech. It’s reserved for wearable gadgets that look good, but might be nothing but hot air.

Here are some more terms for the same thing:

  • Gullible tech.
  • Terrible tech.
  • Nowhereible tech.
  • Unbearable tech.
  • Airheadible tech.

How does it work?

Modius sends a signal to the section of your brain in charge of fat storage. This shifts your metabolism to burn more fat.

That’s the claim from the guys behind the product.

No clue what it means.

How to use the Modius

It looks like there are four steps to losing weight with the Modius:

  1. Have someone take your picture BEFORE you start using the Modius.
    • This person shouldn’t know the first thing about photography.
    • This can be from the front, the rear or the side.
    • The person can cut off your head. It doesn’t matter.
    • It’s best if the picture is overexposed.
  2. Wear the Modius every night for a while.
    • The Modius website says you wear it for 45 minutes a day.
    • I think it must be switched on to make you lose weight.
  3. Have a professional photographer take a picture of you.
    • If a six-pack doesn’t appear in the photo, have the photographer Photoshop it in for you.
  4. Post both pics to Facebook.
    • Watch the compliments wash in.

What does it look like?

There are a few photos of the Modius on their Indiegogo site, but they’re vague. So I thought I’d post pics of what I think the final Modius weight loss apparatus might look like.

Is This The Modius Weight Loss Apparatus
Is This The Modius Weight Loss Apparatus?
Or Is This The Modius Weight Loss Apparatus
Or Is This The Modius Weight Loss Apparatus?

I could be wrong, so let’s wait for them to finalize it.

Why the Modius?

The founder, Jason McKeown, says the following:

Modern diets are not working. Across the globe people are struggling to maintain a lean and healthy body. This is putting enormous pressure not just on individuals, but entire healthcare systems. Neuroscience has proven that unhealthy weight gain is an issue which is controlled by the brain.

MODIUS is a simple and easy, but also revolutionary, solution to this problem, allowing every brain to control the shape and size of every body. This is the next generation of wearable technology, it’s careable technology™.

There is a hormonal response when using MODIUS. It switches on your metabolism, so you burn fat, but without the hunger-pangs you might usually feel when the metabolism is fired-up.

Hmm, where to start?

Mr Mckeown says that modern diets aren’t working.

That’s not true.

The problem is not diet, it’s the mind.

There’s nothing wrong with modern diets. Some diets work fantastic. The LCHF works wonders for me. There are other diets that work well for other folks.

Sticking a device on your head doesn’t deal with the problem, it suppresses it.

It’s like sticking a plaster on the outside of your body when you have a burst lung.

He goes on to state that neuroscience has proven that unhealthy weight gain is an issue controlled by the brain.

That might be true for some, or true for everyone, or untrue for everyone. I’m not sure whether there’s research to back this claim.

It’s neither here nor there.

This sort of claim paves the way for abuse from those in the know.

See, if I’ve got the grades behind my name and I make some high flying statements filled with high flying words, how would you be able to tell that I’m not pulling wool over your eyes?

Mr Mckeown’s statements do nothing to convince me that his device is legit.

The part of the brain that tells you to be diligent to eat well, isn’t that the same part that tells you to be diligent to wear the tech?

So if you can’t discipline your food intake, how will you discipline yourself to wear this device?

The Modius looks like a treadmill for your head. Headmill…

It must work

If a bunch of doctors are promoting the Modius, it must work.

There’s a vague video of Mr Mr Mckeown sitting on stage with Dr Drew and others.

At the end of the clip, Dr Drew says, “I was in with both feet at that point”. That was after he read Modius technical documentation.

Why did he jump in with both feet?

Was it because he believed the product could work, or because it would be easy to convince people that the product could work?

It’s a lot of words saying nothing.

Tom Bilyeu admits in this video that he’s not sure whether the Modius works, and that that is the reason they’re launching an Indiegogo campaign.

Because there’s no better R&D department than the man in the street.

There’s a money back guarantee. So at least they’re not being disingenuous.

The involvement of the world’s top neuroscientists doesn’t prove that the Modius works; it proves that they’re willing to move their research forward in a field easily played, because it’s a vague topic to the layman.

It’s Arrow certified

Well, if Arrow Electronics certified it, then by golly, this must be the real deal.

But let’s take a look at what Arrow certification means:

Arrow has reviewed this campaign’s electronic and/or software design and verified that it is feasible for manufacturing. In partnership with Indiegogo, the Arrow Certification Program provides campaigners access to design and engineering tools to create their vision, personalized consultation with Arrow engineers to address design challenges, and marketing support from Arrow and Indiegogo.

The only thing that Arrow guarantees, is that the device’s electronics and software will work.

It can’t guarantee that the device itself will make you lose weight. It guarantees that the Modius can be manufactured according to spec. It doesn’t mean that the Modius spec works.

In other words, it’s like building a sound system. They can make it. They can make it play music. What they can’t guarantee, is that the music will have the desired effect on you. That’s out of their control. They can do all the technical things. The psychological aspect? That’s not their baby.

Weight loss tests

Neurovalens claims in their Indiegogo campaign that the Modius has been trial tested:

In our trials we’ve seen body fat reductions of up to 16% from people using MODIUS. We’ve also seen positive changes in both insulin and leptin (the hunger hormone) coupled with a reduction in appetite. In recent studies looking at metabolic rate, we are able to show Modius directly increases the energy consumed from fat.

What they don’t tell us, is whether the people on the trial modified their diets at any stage of the trial.

They tell us nothing of the environment of the study, who partook in the study, etc.

They should do placebo-controlled studies with the Modius.

Give one group of people a real Modius each, and another group a fake device.

Even a controlled study such as that comes with holes.


You can get the Modius through Indiegogo for $449.

For another $99 you get a year’s membership at

There are other perks too.

Final thoughts

I would love for this product to be the real deal.

Imagine popping a Star Trek like Alice band on your head and watching your fat being beamed away and replaced by a six pack. That would be dreamy.

But Neurovalens’ website AND the Modius website fail to convince me that their product works.

Can I claim that this is a fraudulent product?


Would I recommend investing in it?

No. But it’s your money, so you do with it as you wish.

As for me, I’m happy to remain a doubting Thomas.

* (In a strange twist, they all lose weight, as the creator of the contraption had intended for them to do, but in a different way than envisioned…)

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Just my 2 cnts. 1). they claim it ‘resets’ the ‘set point’ of how much fat you loose. THis is kinda weird, since if this was true, you only had to use this device a couple of times… 2) you shoot electrical signals through your brain. and they specify they ‘only’ hit a certain part of that… ehm… how? You electrify everything in the other areas too! The whole brain is one big electric machine, so… ‘just putting some stimulation on one part’ .. you can’t! Look to the research they do normally …mostly they stimulate parts of the brain… Read more »


I’ve been using Modius for close to 3 months now. I did not change my diet. I did not lose my appetite either although many claim they lost theirs. I experienced no weight loss, no inches lost. I am part of their forum and most of the people losing weight have changed their diet but swear that Modius is responsible for their lose. I am sending mine back.


I bought it and have been using it for one month now. It definitely does reduce appetite and, though I have only lost two pounds (which could be just water, I know), my mid-section is noticeably slimmer, as if my weight distribution has changed. So, to this point at least, I am happy with it and will continue to use it for at least the four-month timeframe they used in their trial.

Michelle A Guadarrama

The writer of the above article needs to understand that you lose weight, not loose weight. Hello ?


I’ve just been to the modius site after having 2 ads for it interrupt my youtube playlist. I needed to see what evidence they had or didn’t have to show. In the article, it says they didn’t state whether participants in the study changed their diets…well at least, 5 months later, they now do say that nobody changed their diet or fitness habits. So there’s something. However it still doesn’t give any other information. How many people were studied? For how long? What did the control group have or not have? Were placebos used? What type of person were in… Read more »

Lorna Bowman

You can tell that you do not have a food addiction to say that comment. Putting things on my head daily is far easier than trying to resist my cravings or hunger!

No mcgonegle

I bought Modius in a weak moment and returned it. Read every article you can find that is sceptical of this gadget based on almost no clinical evidence and most likely you will not be a buyer. How can current pass through the brain and affect only one area? Try a rocking chair or a swing for the same nerve stimulation.