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Now offering dedicated PPC

I offer dedicated PPC marketing for those who want immediate traffic to their websites.
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In a previous blog post I ranted about a company making the bold and specious claim that SEO is dead and that PPC had replaced it as a better online marketing method.

It wa clear that the company offering the service had no clue as to what SEO is, or deliberately misrepresented SEO in order to dupe people into believing their online marketing method is superior.

I went into detail on many aspects of SEO, forming the conclusion that you should use SEO and PPC together to help you succeed online.

Why not PPC before?

However, although I offer PPC marketing (Facebook and Google Ads), my main focus has always been to create websites. In other words, I lean strongly towards SEO.

Why not venture more into PPC?

Two main reasons…


PPC advertising is expensive, and because I target small businesses it doesn’t always make sense to offer them a PPC service.

You can easily pay tens of rands for a single click on your ad. In fact, if you’re in a competitive niche, you could run up bills to the tune of tens of thousands of rands each month. Even more.

But the real problem is that, when you switch off PPC, there goes your advertising. In one fell swoop you’re losing massive amounts of traffic.

Furthermore, since the top platforms use bidding strategies to sell ad space, you might be in for a nasty surprise from one day to the next.

You might be paying peanuts for your ad the one day, only to be left in the ditch the next by a competitor with a behemoth budget.

That sounds fine, but if you consider the time involved with keeping track of all of this, you start wondering if it’s worth doing.

Websites VS social media trust

A website offers trust which a Facebook page simply cannot.

I cannot state this enough. Anybody with a Facebook account can create a number of pages with a few clicks. And once a page is created you can stick any amount of promises on it to dupe whoever will take the bait .

This does not inspire trust. Con men can pump out Facebook pages built to exacting standards. These pages may look gorgeous. But they’re created to mislead.

What’s more, you can line your page with fake followers. Or, they may not be fake, but they’re certainly not fans.

Can websites be misleading?

You may claim that websites aren’t exempt from being used for this sort of deception.

You’re right. Except, it takes far more effort to put together a custom website. And owning a domain name usually exposes you more than owning a Facebook page (which, technically, you don’t own).

SEO preferred

To be honest, I don’t like social media in the least.

I’m on Facebook using an account with a nickname. I’m not on Twitter in a personal capacity. I hardly use Pinterest anymore (a platform I enjoyed).

I just don’t want to spend my time on stuff that sucks time and does little to nothing to edify.

And you shouldn’t spend all your time on social media trying to market your business. Take a break every now and then.

But alas, my clients’ needs trump my own comfort, so I’ve decided to throw in the white towel and offer a paid advertising service.

PPC marketing

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click but is now an umbrella term for the paid ad space, lets you bid on ad positions on a website.

In Google you’ll often see the top position filled by listings with a little “Ad” tag to the left. These are PPC results.

Those people pay to have their ads appear there. Some of those people pay BIG bugs to compete up there.

If you have the cash and you want to rank first in Google NOW, you’ll launch a PPC campaign and aim for the big guns. Depending on the niche, those big guns might simply be a double barrel shotgun or a canon.

In Facebook the PPC ads are liberally chucked into your timeline or into the right-hand sidebar (there are more spots, but for this article I’ll keep things short).

In both Google and Facebook’s cases the average person probably doesn’t even know they’re seeing a paid ad.

And that’s why it works.

It often looks like a friend sent you an interesting link or suggestion.

And now I offer PPC as a service too.


The benefit of PPC is loud and clear: IMMEDIATE TRAFFIC.

If you want immediate traffic to your website you need PPC.

You’ll pay for that traffic. And if you’re in a hot niche you’ll pay plenty.

But you’ll most definitely get serious traffic.

Just remember, the day you switch off your PPC, your traffic takes a long walk off a short plank.


Although I’ll always lean towards SEO because it offers long term success, PPC has a serious short term benefit: traffic.

If you need more traffic to your website make contact and let’s see if we can work together.

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