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The Ockel Sirius A Is A Smartphone Sized Computer With Desktop Power

The Sirius A is a gorgeous six inch touch screen 64-bit Windows 10 tablet with up to 8GB of RAM and more ports than a Portuguese vintner.
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Ockel Computers designed a six-inch 64-bit mini monster tablet. There are two models. One comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, the other with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. It’s a palm-sized device with the power of a modern desktop computer. This is the Ant-Man of computers.


They LOOK fantastic.

But you’ve never bought one, because you’re a Windows user. Your workstation of choice, even if it wasn’t by choice, runs Windows.

But most Windows tablets leave much room for improvement.

As for Apple, that wouldn’t make you happy; neither would Android.

Furthermore, many companies oversell their tablets and deliver sluggish products.

So what happens when you buy a tablet?

You’re stuck with a product that forces you to try to justify why you bought it. You try to convince yourself that what you did was not a waste of money. You did not go draw all your money, doused it in petrol and set it alight. You did well by buying this thing. It doesn’t do half of what you told yourself it would, but you love it.

But here’s something special. It’s the real deal.

It’s the Ockel Sirius A, a pumped Windows 10 tablet that fits in the palm of your hand.

What the Jelly 4G phone is for mini phones, the Sirius A is for tablets. It’s an insane amount of power in a pocket-sized packet.

Ockel isn’t new to making computers, but the Sirius A (and Pro) are two new models they’re introducing to the market via crowdfunding.

Let’s take a look…


The Sirius A allows you to do everything you’re able to do on a desktop computer running Windows 10.

This includes using office software, browsing the net, gaming, web development and graphic design.

The small screen might be a drawback, but if you find it bothersome, plug the Sirius into a large computer screen and use it like a desktop.

Smart home control

The Sirius A allows you to embrace the Internet of Things with arms wide open. Connect to your Nest, Philips Hue, smart security cameras or any other IoT device.


The Sirius A comes with Windows 10 Home, while the Sirius A Pro comes with Windows 10 Pro.

More than 400 million machines in 192 countries run Windows 10. It’s one of the most familiar operating systems in the known universe.

You’ll feel at home the moment you turn on the Sirius A.

If your Sirius A hits a bump and the operating system stops working, reinstall it. Ockel will have a support webpage for this sort of hiccup.


Both the Sirius A and Sirius A Pro have the following dimensions:

  • Length – 150mm (5.9 inches)
  • Width – 85mm (3.3 inches)
  • Thickness – 20mm (0.8 inches)

You get mobile phones (phablets) in this size range. What you won’t get, are mobile phones with this power. The Samsung S8+ comes closest, but it’s miles behind. And the S8+ comes with an extra-large price tag ($824.99). The Sirius A Pro will be cheaper, even at retail ($799).

The Sirius A Is Siriusly Small
The Sirius A Is Siriusly Small.


The Sirius A comes with 64GB of storage, while the Sirius A Pro comes with 128GB.


The Sirius A comes with a micro SDXC slot, which handles a capacity of up to 2TB. Current micro SDXC cards come in 256GB, at the most.

You can’t upgrade the built-in storage. Choose the 128GB unit (the Sirius A Pro) if you want more.


Both models of the Sirius A come with the following ports:

  • 2x USB 3.0 (5V/3A)
  • USB 3.0 Type-C (5V/3A)
  • HDMI 1.4a
  • DisplayPort 1.4
  • RJ-45 Ethernet
  • 3.5mm audio jack
The Ockel Sirius A Comes With These Ports
The Ockel Sirius A comes with these ports: USB 3.0 (2 of), HDMI, DisplayPort, RJ-45 Ethernet and 3.5mm audio.


The Sirius comes with two wireless connections:

  • WiFi AC (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
    • Supports Miracast standard
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (Intel 3165)

The screen

Both the Sirius A models come with a full HD touchscreen.

You also receive an Avanca ToughGlass screen protector with your Sirius A. The ToughGlass screen protector will sell for $25, but comes free for early adopters.

The ToughGlass is made from 9H tempered Japanese glass, with a thickness of 0,012in (0.33mm).

The Sirius A Comes With A Free Avanca Toughglass Protective Screen
The Sirius A Comes With A Free Avanca Toughglass Protective Screen.

Will a stylus work on it?

The touchscreen should be able to handle a capacitive stylus, but the Sirius A won’t come with an active stylus digitizer.

Desktop mode

Sometimes you need a mouse, a keyboard and a large screen.

No problem.

The Sirius A and Sirius A Pro offer a Switch Mode, designed in partnership with Microsoft. The Switch Mode allows you to connect the Sirius to a screen, which turns it into an input device in seconds.

You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to the Sirius via Bluetooth or USB.

The Sirius Turns Into An Input Device In Seconds
The Sirius Turns Into An Input Device In Seconds.


The Sirius A and Sirius A Pro come with fingerprint scanners. This adds a layer of security.


The Sirius A comes with powerful components. These generate heat.

The Sirius A’s heat sink design, combined with the flash storage, allows the computer to run cool and silent.

The Heat Sink Design Along With The Flash Storage Allows The Sirius A To Run Quiet And Cool
The Heat Sink Design Along With The Flash Storage Allows The Sirius A To Run Quiet And Cool.


Both Sirius A models come with a Lithium polymer battery with these specs:

  • 3,000 mAh (11Wh)
  • Power (12V/A3)

Ockel claims that the battery gives you up to three hours of casual use.

The battery is non-user-serviceable. Ockel says you’ll be able to have it serviced at a repair center. Replacement batteries will be available at “reasonable cost”.


You can charge the Sirius via AC adapter (shipped with the unit) or USB Type-C.


Both Sirius A models come in the following colors:

  • Moon Silver
  • Meteor Grey
  • Venus Gold
Both Models Sirius Come In Moon Silver Meteor Grey And Venus Gold
Both Models Sirius Come In Moon Silver Meteor Grey And Venus Gold.


Ockel has the following crowdfunding deals available for the Sirius:

  • Sirius A
    • Price – $549
    • 21 % off retail
  • Sirius A Pro
    • $649
    • 18 % off retail

They have other offers too. Check out their Indiegogo page for more info.

Final thoughts

I’m biased. I’m a happy Windows user. I’ve tried Ubuntu Linux, I’ve taken a bite of the Apple. Although those systems are great, they’re not for me. I love Windows.

This machine makes me drool.

It’s the ultimate in mini power; the Ant-Man of computers; it’s small, but it kicks ass.

With up to 8GB of RAM and up to 128GB of storage and all sorts of connections and doodahs, this is one serious mobile computing powerhouse.

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