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Pam Popper empowers you to ponder the preposterous position our planet is positioned in

This doctor can help you get over the Coronavirus.
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Are you sick of the lies built upon, around and into the Coronavirus yet?

I am.

I’d love for people to wake up from the hysterical nightmare they’ve been driven into by mainstream media.

But I’m a mere pleb.

And people don’t listen to plebs because plebs are supposed to bleat, watch Netflix and agree with celebs.

Since I’m not listen-worthy, the least I can do is point others to people they should listen to, like this one…

She’s a doctor from the USA and her name is Pam Popper.

She puts out videos on YouTube tackling the Coronavirus, why certain measures to combat the virus (endorsed by mainstream media) are utterly ridiculous and the hypocrisy of some of the most ardent supporters of the lockdown in the USA.

She takes plenty of flack for her stance on the Coronavirus, even receiving death threats for challenging the lockdown.

It’s refreshing to see her not back down from her views; probably because they’re based on fact, not fiction.

You can learn more about Dr Popper at her website.

Here’s a video where she (yet again) questions some of the mystifying madness behind US legislation to lock down…

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