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The Simpresso Is A Portable Espresso Maker That Makes Real Espresso And Takes Nespresso Capsules

With the Simpresso espresso maker you can have your favourite blend of coffee anywhere, anytime.
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The Simpresso portable espresso maker allows you to make espresso anywhere. Add hot water, pump and enjoy. And it takes Nespresso style capsules.

This post is not for espresso purists. If you’re of the persuasion that real espresso can only be made with a Rossa PG Brass Air Espresso at an altitude of 2,343.234 meters by a barista who trained 14 years under the tutelage of a Swahili-speaking tribe living on the upper reaches of Mt Kilimanjaro, you won’t enjoy this article.

Those newfangled Nespresso machines took the world by storm. They’re great for making a quick, reasonable cup of coffee.

But they’re expensive. So are the capsules used in them. And finding a blend you like can be challenging.

And you can’t take your Nespresso (Krups, et al) camping or sightseeing. It’s bulky and requires electricity. It’s not tough enough either.

You need a compact coffee maker. The AeroPress comes to mind. Great product. I use it at least once a day.

There’s also Portaspresso’s two compact espresso makers. Be prepared to fork out hundreds of dollars though. They’re also heavy.

Simposh, a company that specializes in kitchenware and cooking products, designed a lightweight, portable espresso machine.

It’s called Simpresso.

Let’s take a look.

Proper pressure

The Simpresso Produces Between 15 And 19 Bars Of Pressure. This Is At Least 66 Percent More Than Is Required
The Simpresso Produces Between 15 And 19 Bars Of Pressure. This Is At Least 66 Percent More Than Is Required.

Espresso aficionados will tell you that one of the elements of a REAL espresso is proper pressure.

A proper espresso requires nine bars of pressure.

The Simpresso generates between 15 and 19 bars of pressure. That’s at least 66 per cent more pressure than required.

Make ristretto, espresso and lungo

With The Simpresso You Have Control Over The Amount Of Coffee You Want To Press
With The Simpresso You Have Control Over The Amount Of Coffee You Want To Press.

The main chamber of the Simpresso contains three markings on the side:

  • Ristretto – 25ml (0,84oz)
  • Espresso – 40ml (1.35oz)
  • Lungo – 110ml (3.72oz)

The difference between these three is not quantity of extraction. It’s a specific quantity of ground coffee, ground in a specific time. Read Extraction Wars by The Perfect Daily Grind for more info.

  • A ristretto is a 15ml shot of coffee extracted over 15 seconds (this is not a lot of coffee, so chances are the barista will give you a double).
  • An espresso is a 30ml shot of coffee extracted over 30 seconds.
  • A lungo is up to 150ml of coffee extracted over a period of up to 60 seconds.

So let’s be fair and say that you have the ability to control how much coffee you press.

Safe to use

The water chamber of the Simpresso is made from transparent double-walled BPA-free plastic. This gives heat a hard time to escape, which is what you want. It also allows you to see the water inside the chamber, making it easy to press the right amount of coffee for your cuppa.

Comes with a cup

The Simpresso Comes With A Transparent Espresso Cup
The Simpresso Comes With A Transparent Espresso Cup.

The Simpresso comes with a transparent plastic cup rounded off with a heat insulated bottom. I can’t quite make out how it attaches to the Simpresso. Looks like it clips on.

Comes with a reusable capsule

The Simpresso Comes With A Smart Capsule And Smart Scoop
The Simpresso Comes With A Smart Capsule And Smart Scoop.

The Simpresso comes with a reusable capsule like Nespresso or Krups capsules.

It’s not the same though. It’s Simposh’s own design.

Nespresso / Krups capsules

Simposh made the Simpresso available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter a while ago. But they canned the campaign not long after.

People showed interest in the product, but didn’t want to invest in a product that couldn’t handle Nespresso or Krups capsules.

So they went back to the drawing board and redesigned the Simpresso to handle these capsules.


The Simpresso Measure 20.5cm In Length And 6.5cm In Diameter
The Simpresso Measures 8,07in (20.5cm) In Length And 2.55in (6.5cm) In Diameter.

The Simpresso is small. It has a length of only 8,07in (20.5cm) and a diameter of only 2.55in (6.5cm). It’s ideal for carrying in a backpack or travel suitcase.

How to use the Simpresso

Follow these nine easy steps to a lovely espresso:

  1. Unscrew the bottom part of the Simpresso.
  2. Fill the Smart Capsule with Sumatran coffee (or whichever blend you prefer) and level it off.
    • Use the Smart Scoop to assist with loading the Smart Capsule.
  3. Place the Smart Capsule inside the bottom part of the Simpresso.
  4. Screw the bottom back onto the Simpresso.
  5. Unscrew the top of the Simpresso.
  6. Fill the Simpresso with water.
  7. Screw the top part back on.
  8. Hold the Simpresso over your favorite cup or a buddy’s mouth.
  9. Press the pistol continuously to squeeze out all that goodness.

You need hot water…


Forgot about that…

When you’re camping it’s not too much of a problem. There should be enough natural fuel around to make a fire for boiling a kettle.

For the hotel traveler it’s not a problem either. You should be able to find a kettle somewhere in the hotel if there’s not one in your room.

Whatever your situation, you need hot water. A cup of espresso requires the water to be 90 degrees Celsius. So if you can get your hands on water with a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and you have a Simpresso, you’ve got espresso.

Final thoughts

The Simpresso looks like a fantastic portable espresso maker.

It gives more than the required nine bars pressure, which should put to ease the coffee snobs out there.

It seems easy enough to operate and cleans in a few seconds.

It looks like a product worth supporting.

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