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The Spooly Is A Metre Plus Charging Cable That You Can Carry On Your Key Chain

The Spooly is highly portable, highly flexible charging cable.
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UPDATE: The Spooly has joined my red list. It seems the creator’s not delivering on his promises.

The Spooly is a tangle-free charging cable that comes with three types of connections: lightning, micro-USB and USB-C.

You’re out and about, travelling to all your bucket list destinations, living your dream.

The more you travel, the more you realize how critical space is.

When you first started going abroad, you packed everything and the cat.

Now you take the bare necessities and still force it into as small a bag as you can.

You’ve become a nimble traveler.

One thing is still missing though…

You haven’t found a charger that doesn’t cause your luggage bag to look like it contains a tumor.

They’re all bulky. Sometimes you wish you lived in the pre-technology age, so you wouldn’t be forced to share your adventures to Instagram.

Alas, you have followers to please, so you’ll need to lug around your bulky charger for as long as you’re still popular.

Scott McCormack, a Cardiff man, invented a charging cable that folds up so small you might forget it somewhere.

But it doesn’t sacrifice on usability, despite its size.

It’s called the Spooly. Let’s take a look…


Spooly is currently in funding stage on Indiegogo.

It’s a charging cable that folds up (and stays intact by way of magnets) into roughly a third of the size of a credit card.

The Spooly Folds Up Into A Third Of The Size Of A Credit Card And Stays Intact By Way Of Built In Magnets
The Spooly Folds Up Into A Third Of The Size Of A Credit Card And Stays Intact By Way Of Built In Magnets.

The Spooly’s designer, Scott McCormack, calls the system that allows for the Spooly to wrap around itself, the Mag-System.


Spooly lets you choose between three charging options.

At the Spooly’s one end is a reversible USB-A connector, while on the other you can choose between a Lightning, Micro-USB 2.0 or USB-C 3.1 type connector.

Reversible Usb A On One Side Lightning Micro Usb 2.0 Or Usb C 3.1 On The Other
Reversible Usb A On One Side Lightning Micro Usb 2.0 Or Usb C 3.1 On The Other.


The Spooly is available in two lengths:

  • 1m (39.37 inches).
  • 1.3m (51.18 inches).

OS agnostic

Spooly comes with built-in potential to save cross-operating system friendships.

I’m a PC fan.

For a PC fan, it’s irritating to have to deal with data transfer glitches caused by incompatible operating systems.

Sell your Mac, buy a PC and give me the files I’m looking for.

How hard can it be? Change your life to suit mine, please, and we’ll all get along so much better.

Occasionally, though, I have a friend who doesn’t follow my advice and sticks to using one of these obscure systems that doesn’t align with reality.

These friendships don’t last, but I get my files (albeit a mission) before sending them into the abyss of loneliness.

Spooly saves you from having to deal with this sort of thing. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Google.

How does this help? Well, it saves me having to do the tedious work of telling people I can no longer see them as friends because of their ridiculous operating system.

Whip out the Spooly and save a friendship or two.

OK, most modern USB sticks offer seamless data transfer between systems, but they don’t come with magnets that keep the unit tidy.

Key chain case

The Spooly comes in a form-fitting case which attaches to your key chain.

The Spooly In A Form Fitting Case
The Spooly In A Form Fitting Case.
The Spooly Inside Its Case On A Key Chain
The Spooly Inside Its Case On A Key Chain.


If the Spooly makes it to production, it’ll be available in fobablyur colors: blue and dark grey, white, black, and red and dark grey.

The Spooly Comes In Two Standard Colours And Two Colour Combinations
The Spooly Comes In Two Standard Colours And Two Colour Combinations.

Final thoughts

The Spooly looks like an amazing product.

It gives you a charging mechanism rolled up in a small bundle and out of the way.

No more luggage that looks like it has a tumor.

Give the Spooly a look. You might find it a must-have travel accessory.

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he’s also a piece of ****


I imagine he is referring to the fact that none of us that backed him on Kickstarter ever received our product and he has stopped communicating. Fraudster is another word I guess.


Yep, he stole well over £100k then made his company bankrupt so no Spooly for anyone


He’s a big steaming pile of dog ****!

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