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Web design so cheap I can’t afford to compete

This competitor is killing me with their cheap Web design! Guess I should close my doors. Or perhaps we should compare apples with apples.
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I recently saw the cost for a web design package by a competitor that offers far cheaper web design than I do. There’s simply no way I can beat their pricing.

Throw in the fact that they don’t charge a monthly hosting fee and it’s clear I can’t compete.

It’s probably the cheapest web design package you’ll ever come across in South Africa, unless you build your own site and host on a rickety, free server.

When I saw what they charge for a web development package I gasped in disbelief.

Oh well, guess I’d better close my web design side of the business and focus on something else. The new kid in town is taking out all the competition.

We’re not selling the same thing

But then I took a closer look at their offering, and it became apparent that we’re not selling the same thing.

I was nettled to note spelling mistakes, gauche grammar, bad spacing on mobile and in some cases a generally unprofessional look on websites they’ve built for clients.

Here’s the thing: many clients are fine with that sort of website. Some people are more than happy with a dead standard, entry level website that, despite a lack of grace, makes them happy.

And it’s completely OK.

Get a cheap web design package if you want one

If you don’t care about the finer details and just want a website that resembles a homemade business card, by all means get yourself a cheap web design package.

If you don’t need your website to form an important part of the trust you’re trying to build with prospects and customers, get yourself a dirt cheap website design package.

If you don’t care whether your website will perform well in Google because you’re not focused on SEO, a cheap web design package will melt like a koeksister on your tongue.

As for me, I’ll continue to push out websites loaded with the correct content (but not keyword stuffed so as to evoke the wrong kind of attention from Google).

I’ll try my best to optimise every page correctly so that your website stands a good chance of doing better in search results.

I’ll give you a blog to which you can post to your heart’s content. This gives your website an even better chance of climbing through the search engine rankings.

I’ll give you ample space to upload images along with your articles.

I’ll ensure that your website looks great on mobile, not just desktop.

I’ll continue to push clients to build out their OWN websites as part of their marketing efforts, showing them it’s downright stupid to focus on social media or PPC alone, not just bad for long-term success.

I’ll continue to keep a constant vigil over my clients’ websites to ensure they chug along smoothly.

I’ll keep helping my clients reach out to their audience automatically through connecting their blog to a free newsletter and their social media accounts.

I saved the best for last.

You know that your website is essentially useless without analytics, right?

I mean, how would you know who’s coming to your site and what they’re doing when they arrive if you don’t have access to analytics?

And that’s why all my clients get a beautiful analytics report emailed to them weekly, outlining what’s going on with their website.

This analytics report shows the keywords that brought visitors to their site, their most popular pages, towns or cities visitors are from and even social media metrics.

Without this sort of information you won’t know where your website is failing and where it’s succeeding.

By all means, get yourself the cheapest web design service you can find. Get a web design package that doesn’t charge you a monthly hosting fee.

But always ask what the real cost is before you part with your money.

Contact me for excellent hosting that’s more expensive, but better.

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Jaycee Compaan

How does the saying go ?
The proof is in the pudding.
I am greatfull that my page is the product of your work. It is great to know what is cooking on my site at all times and my prospective customers can nearly taste the great corn dogs that I cook.
Thank you

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