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The Wolf Grizzly Looks Like The World’s Greatest Compact Barbecue Grid

The Wolf And Grizzly foldable camping grill is the perfect solution to having a top quality grill with you at all times. Because meat is a necessity. And heat and meat go hand in hand, like Jack and Jill.
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One part of this grill collapses, the other rolls up. And it’s all stainless goodness. It looks like the perfect compact grill.

It’s a beautiful afternoon. The drive was worth it.

There’s no wind. The birds are starting to quieten down. Fish are starting to rise to snack on drowning bugs.

The lake’s black water beckons Robert to dance a fly line across the surface.

But not now. It’s been a long drive and he needs to get the fire going if he’s to avoid scorn. They haven’t eaten anything substantial today. The steak is calling.

They’ve unpacked the car. Sam is carrying the last bag into the cabin.

Robert heads for the SUV and scans the trunk for the BBQ grid, but it’s not there. Sam must have taken it inside.

He waits for Sam to come out of the cabin and says, “Sam, babes, did you take the barbecue grid inside?”

Sam frowns and shrugs. She didn’t see the grid.

Then it strikes Robert. They had set aside the grid when they packed the SUV for the weekend.

Once everything was inside the SUV, they tried to pack the grid, but there wasn’t enough room.

So they repacked some of their gear to squeeze in the grid, but forgot to pack the grid altogether.

They’ll have to cook their meat on rocks. Sam’s not going to like that.

If only they had a compact grill they could pop into small spaces in their vehicle…

If only they had the Wolf and Grizzly grill. It’s small enough to slide under the seat or squeeze into a small hole in between your luggage.

Let’s take a closer look…

What is the WG grill?

Wolf And Grizzly is a barbecue grill that folds up to the size of a bicycle pump, but is big enough to handle a pair of juicy steaks. Or a kettle and a pot of stew.

How does it work?

The Wolf And Grizzly has two parts.

One part is a frame, the other a grid that fits onto the frame.

The frame collapses, while the grid rolls up.

Folded up and stashed inside it’s bag, the grill is so small that you might mistake it for a bicycle pump.


They make the Wolf and Grizzly from stainless steel.

It’s not a carbon steel construction put together with stainless steel screws. It’s not a cheap stainless steel either.

The WHOLE grill is made from 304 stainless steel, from the frame, to the rods, to the cable that forms part of the foldable grill.

304 is excellent for this application.

I designed grids for our home grill and had them laser cut from 304 stainless steel. I wanted to use the more expensive 316, but experts point out that 304 is better for using in a grill.

It’s a complex subject worth reading up on. It involves 316 experiencing fatigue at certain temperatures.

The Whole Wolf And Grizzly Is Made From 304 Stainless Steel
The Whole Wolf And Grizzly Is Made From 304 Stainless Steel.

How to use it

Your grill’s ready for action in four steps:

  1. Remove the grill from the bag.
  2. Pull apart the frame.
    • It works on the same principle as a foldable camping chair. (Only simpler.)
  3. Unfurl the grid.
  4. Hook the grill’s four corners into the corners of the frame.

Adjustable height

The Wolf And Grizzly gives you three heights:

  1. 215.9mm (8.5 inches).
  2. 165.1mm (6.5 inches).
  3. Flat mode.
    • Keep the grill flat and lay it on top of whatever you wish.

Easy to clean

The grid’s made from stainless steel. That goes a long way towards ensuring that the Wolf And Grizzly is easy to clean.

Compare cleaning a carbon steel grid with a stainless steel grid. The stainless steel grid cleans much easier. There is no comparison.

But Wolf And Grizzly didn’t leave their grill’s cleanness in the hands of the material it’s made from.

They designed the Wolf And Grizzly with minimal crevices, so it doesn’t build up grot.

The grill comes with a cleaning tool, but if you want to give it a good clean, soak it in hot water and wipe with a wet cloth.

Is it dishwasher safe?

The cooking surface is dishwasher safe. I’m sure it won’t be a problem to chuck the frame into the dishwasher, if it’s folded. But you do so at your own risk.


The Wolf And Grizzly weighs in at 2.2lbs (1kg).

Folds up small

The Wolf And Grizzly folds up thinner than a water bottle. It’s the length of an old school bicycle pump. Check the images below.

To The Untrained Eye This Looks Like An Old Bicycle With A Bicycle Pump Fixed To The Bottom Of The Top Bar. Its Actually The Wolf And Grizzly
To The Untrained Eye This Looks Like An Old Bicycle With A Bicycle Pump Fixed To The Bottom Of The Top Bar. Its Actually The Wolf And Grizzly.
The Wolf And Grizzly Folds Up Small
The Wolf And Grizzly Folds Up Small.


They tested the Wolf And Grizzly by stacking it with magazines. It handles the weight of 40 magazines. That’s about 16kgs (35lbs).

It should handle a Karoo springbok.

A Stack Of Magazines On Top Of The Wolf And Grizzly
A Stack Of Magazines On Top Of The Wolf And Grizzly.

Final thoughts

The Wolf And Grizzly’s name might be a heavy burden to bear, but the product is light, sturdy and tough.

It’s one of the best crowdfunding projects I’ve ever seen.

No wonder they reached more than double their funding request.

Check out the Wolf And Grizzly. If you like grilling you’ll love this product.

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