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You can’t say one is champion if the other one’s not used correctly

A client claims that one online marketing platform outperforms another. And although this can happen, the real question is: does he use the other platform correctly?
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I had a friendly skirmish with one of my clients a while ago.

It went something like this…

Me: “A website is a great tool and works better than social media.”

Client: “I have to disagree with you there. I get far more enquiries from Facebook than from my website.”

Of course, it was a respectful dialogue that ended with us remaining friends.

But I want to use this colloquy as an illustration of how wrong thinking can boost social media’s ego and make it even more conceited than it already is.

Enquiries don’t equal sales

First of all, likes and shares do not equal sales.

Likes and shares are vanity metrics. They mean nothing in and of themselves.

I’m not the first person to point out that likes and shares are overrated. I’m simply reiterating what many have found out for themselves in the past.

What you feed will fatten

Secondly, that which you feed will grow.

If you spend (read waste) all your time on Facebook, marketing your products but you neglect your website, which platform do you think will show a better return?

But boy oh boy, are you in for a surprise when Facebook once again changes their algorithm and chucks your “meaningful” Facebook marketing efforts into the deep end with lead weights around its ankles.

And who says your product fits a Facebook crowd in the first place?

Facebook is like a family restaurant. You don’t walk in and start selling your product to a group of people indulging in quality family time. You leave them to enjoy their meal and their company. They don’t want to be bothered.

The best you can do if you see someone in a restaurant you think would love what you’re selling, is leave a business card.

In an online setting it’s (almost) equivalent to paying for a Facebook ad that clicks through to your website.

Once you have a person off Facebook and on your website you can sell whatever, any which way you want. You won’t have annoying memes and ads from other companies distracting your website visitor.

Think of your website as a shop someone walks into. Once a client walks through your door, he’s yours for the taking. Your opposition isn’t sending his sales staff into your shop to try and persuade your clients to go and shop at his place.

What about other marketing channels?

Another point…

When all you’re doing is feed Facebook, what happens to your other marketing channels?

What about search engines? What about your email newsletter?

These are two GREAT channels you’re neglecting because you’re pumping all your effort into feeding a single platform.

Does that seem like a wise marketing strategy to you?

Why would you market to only one channel if you can target three from a single place?

When it comes to your online marketing efforts, it’s hard to beat a great website that’s updated with good content.

Throw in automated marketing capabilities and you’ve got a great package.

I build websites using WordPress, which gives you a solid foundation for your online marketing efforts.

Start off with a single page or choose more if you want. And you can DIY the extra pages or get me to do it for you.

Add articles to your website whenever you wish and see your traffic increase. And when traffic increases, sales go up.

Get extras like automated posting to Facebook, as well as a newsletter that allows you up to 500 subscribers for free, who receive your articles every time you add news to your site.

Make contact if you’d like to know more about my marketing packages.

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